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SellMore! Webinar

Redefining Retail Strategy

Physical retail is very much alive. 90% Of customers still want to shop in store. Using strategies from successful independent retailers, Paul Erickson provides a thoughtful approach to retail differentiation. This webinar packages the major differentiating factors of high achieving retailers, into an actionable 6 point plan!

Don't miss this FREE opportunity to fine tune your retail strategy! 


Learn from retail expert Paul Erickson of Management One
as he shares 6 essential elements of a winning independent retail strategy.

The truth is ecommerce is NOT killing brick-and-mortar retail. But Amazon has become a catch-all excuse for all manner of retail ills. This largely unjustified and does not stack up against the many independent retail success stories. Using real world examples and strategies from successful independent retailers throughout the globe, Paul Erickson provides a thoughtful approach to winning retail differentiation. The presentation methodically reduces high achieving independent retailers major differentiating factors, to a workable 6 point plan that you can begin to emulate immediately within your store.


  •  How to craft a winning retail strategy
  •  What successful retailers are doing to compete
  •  How to confidently differentiate your store

"Retail is improved by an accumulation of little things."

— Paul Erickson —