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The fact that retail is undergoing a seismic shift is no secret, but at Springboard we're downright excited by what the future of retail holds. Yet, as we look ahead, we realize that in order to thrive, retailers need new tools, and sometimes even a new way of looking at things. And so, we designed
 our SellMore℠ Webinar series to give you access to retail experts who can provide insight and help you think about your retail business in new ways. We hope you enjoy!



...stay tuned for updates about our 2019 season!


8 Time-Tested Rules for Hiring & Retaining Sales Associates

OPERATIONS →  Join hiring expert Jim Roddy of Worldpay as he shares a proven process that will exponentially reduce your number of bad hires and make your successful hires even better. You’ll learn 8 time-tested rules for hiring & retaining associates — rule 7 almost started a fistfight — that will lessen your staffing frustrations and help you build a team that will perform in 2019 and beyond!


Redefining Retail Strategy

STRATEGY →  Join Paul Erickson of Management One as he shares how to craft a winning retail strategy. Physical retail is very much alive, 90% of customers still want to shop in store. Using strategies from successful independent retailers, Paul Erickson provides a thoughtful approach to retail differentiation. This webinar packages the major differentiating factors of high achieving retailers, into an actionable 6 point plan!


The Psychology of Retail Pricing

SALES STRATEGY →  Join Paul Erickson of Management One as he dives into the psychology of pricing. How much product is marked up initially directly affects the profitability of your retail business. Many retailers swear by tried and true mark up models, but it is a good practice to constantly review current pricing practices to find areas for improvement. This session will demonstrate the benefits of different competitive pricing strategies that you can begin implementing in your store immediately!



Metrics Matter!

RETAIL ANALYTICS →  What gets measured gets changed, and if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Paul Erickson of Management One will present a “how to” webinar on embracing science-based retail productivity measures, including forecasting tools and techniques to maximize financial performance. Not only will key financial concepts be shared — such as inventory turnover, GMROI, and initial markup pricing — but Paul will explain why these metrics are important to your retail business and how to achieve better results in your store!


The Best Retail Buyers Do These 5 Things

PURCHASING →  With unprecedented choice, a myriad of ways to shop, and a desire for fresh new product at every interaction, retail buyers must be at the top of their game. Industry veteran Dan Jablons, of Retail Smart Guys, leads us through 5 techniques that will transform how you buy, ultimately ensuring that you have the right product at right price at the right time!


How to Use POS Data to Personalize Your Retail Marketing

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT → Retail marketing expert, and Co-Founder of eMarketingLogic, Jake Fell shares how to use your retail data to personalize your marketing efforts. For growing retailers, the big question is; how do I get customers back into my store? The answer is, you know them inside and out. You invest in them like the profitability of your store depends on it — because it does. 


How to "Fail Fast" and Keep Your Inventory Fresh

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT →  Retail inventory expert, and CEO of Management One, Marc Weiss shares how to "fail fast" and optimize your inventory investment using POS data. Using POS inventory data is critical for retail success. With comprehensive data comes control, which savvy retailers are harnessing to make strategic business decisions, quickly solve problems, and spot trends well before the competition.