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Springboard Retail vs. QuickBooks Point of Sale

Enjoy enterprise-grade features with a modern, flexible, cloud-based platform at a fraction of the price.

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Springboard Retail vs. RICS

Enjoy enterprise-grade features with a modern, flexible, cloud-based platform and enterprise-grade reporting tools.

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Leading brands and retailers are running from RICS for Springboard Retail’s best-in-class, cloud-based retail management system and point of sale


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Reliable, real-time reporting

  •  Highly flexible
  •  Unlimited custom fields and reports
  •  Access up-to-the-second data anytime, on any device

Go below the surface and take a deep dive into your sales, customers, and inventory data to learn exactly what is selling and who is buying

Built for multi-channel brands and retailers

  •  Real-time inventory visibility across the enterprise
  •  Holistic view of all customers, no matter how or where they shop
  •  Designed for growth: scale up or down seamlessly

Whether you are expanding to multiple stores or adding ecommerce, Springboard Retail POS was built to support omnichannel retail.

Flexible, cloud-based, modern

  •  Leader in omnichannel
  •  Robust open API
  •  Go mobile: Take your store on the road for offsite events

Intuitive, easy to use, quick to start, and revered by its users for making their jobs easier.

"Pulling [RICS] reports with the data that you actually need is harder than pulling teeth with tweezers."
Former RICS user

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3 reasons you should be running from RICS


You need a 360° view of your customers and built-in CRM

Springboard Retail’s data-rich clienteling dashboards, robust reporting, and enterprise-grade promotions tools allow you to provide every customer with a highly personalized experience that will turn them into a lifetime evangelist.


You need a system that is highly flexible and easy to integrate

Our API is the most robust and performant in the industry. Take advantage of our native integrations to best-of-breed loyalty, accounting, and ecommerce platforms, or build custom solutions internally with one of our partners. Assembling an enterprise-grade technology stack is easier and lower cost with Springboard Retail.


You need a partner committed to your success

We live retail and love technology: Our support team lives retail and loves technology: Springboard Retail is staffed with retail consultants with over 180 years of collective retail experience at last count. Say hello (literally) to real people dedicated to making your transition painless, and goodbye to expensive service contracts and jumping through hoops to get the support you need.

Embrace sleek hardware and a modern user-interface that your associates embrace with gusto!

Improvements in usability have been exponential over the last decade. So why are your associates trying to learn an antiquated system when they could be working with Springboard Retail?




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