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More than half of surveyed shoppers believe technology is improving the shopping experience. ~ GeoMarketing


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Do you really know your business

Do you understand why customers come back through your doors? Or don’t. Do you collect the right data? And are you prioritizing how you use that data every single day to drive decision-making? Do your metrics help you take strategic actions that improve the health of your business? These are all questions retailers must ask themselves. Why? Retail is changing dramatically and competing today means staying agile, pivoting quickly and using POS data to inform everything from inventory to staffing to marketing. And, prioritizing it everyday.

Retailers who are seeing success, focus their energy on knowing their business.

There’s a growing contingent of retailers that are figuring out the formula for retail success. How do these retailers stay in the game? In many cases, it’s a matter of metrics. Collecting meaningful data at the POS is essential for retailers today, but reporting on it is often 5th on the “To Do” list. But here’s the thing, analyzing your data is what gives you a holistic view of your business. With the right metrics, you get the full picture, where you are performing well and where you are missing critical opportunities to delight customers, improve margin or get more from your vendors. 

5 Ways data & metrics are essential to staying competitive.

1. Forms the basis for all strategic decisions

2. Improves team agility, productivity & efficiency

3. Allows for quick responses to changing market conditions

4. Boosts profitability by helping to spot trends early

5. Supports a personalized customer experience


Determining your Store Metrics 

• What do you want to know?

• Why do you need the information?

• When should you run the reports?

• Who will run the reports?

• How will you act on the info?

5 Key Retail Metrics

          • Gross Profit Margin

          • Sell-through

          • Vendor Sales Performance

          • Poorest/Deepest Inventory

         • Sales by Associate

5 Essential POS Features

            • QuickView Dashboards

            • Real-time data

            • Custom fields & reporting

            • Easy to share reports

            • User-friendly features


Want to see Springboard's Analytics features in action? 
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Everything you need to drive your retail business.

Springboard Retail POS Orders

Order Management

Distributed order management allows you to optimize inventory across all channels in real-time, reaching customers where they shop.

Springboard Retail POS inventory

Inventory Management

Transfers. Cycle counts. Point in time inventory values. Know exactly how much you own across stores and channels in real time.

Springboard Retail POS CRM

Customer Management

Drive sales with customer data. Provide insight to your sales team empowering them to build relationships and provide exceptional customer service.

Springboard Retail POS Purchasing

Purchasing & Receiving

Build customized purchase orders that suit your business and use key features to enforce accuracy when shipments are received.

Springboard Retail POS Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Use data to enhance productivity. Dashboard shows real time KPIs with comps; easily generate detailed reports with any custom SmartField.

Springboard Retail POS Reporting

Designed for Growth

Whether you are expanding to multiple stores or adding ecommerce, Springboard Retail POS was designed to support omnichannel retail.