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"Increasing your customer retention rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25% to 95%~ HBR


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Customer management is key to boosting loyalty & engagement.

In today’s competitive retail landscape, can any retailer, big or small, afford customer disengagement? When, 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers, the answer is a resounding, no. But for modern retailers, the big question remains; how do I get customers back into my store? The answer is, you know them inside and out. You invest in them like the profitability of your store depends on it — because it does.

Customers expect personalized experiences. 

Knowing your customer’s journey, their preferences, habits and history gives you the intelligence to create a customer experience and marketing plan that resonates with them. How do you do that? Through data collection, analysis and customer segmentation, all of which allow you to engage your customers in highly personalized and meaningful ways. 

12 ways to get customers back in your store.

You can guess what your customers want, but ultimately it’s essential to ask. Whether you formally survey or initiate informal conversations, it is imperative to really listen to what customers have to say. Management One's Scott Smith says, "in order to grow, retailers need to move away from relying on emotion when making strategic decisions and add in measurement. The customer drives all decision making from inventory through marketing.”

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Everything you need to drive your retail business.

Springboard Retail POS Orders

Order Management

Distributed order management allows you to optimize inventory across all channels in real-time, reaching customers where they shop.

Springboard Retail POS inventory

Inventory Management

Transfers. Cycle counts. Point in time inventory values. Know exactly how much you own across stores and channels in real time.

Springboard Retail POS CRM

Customer Management

Drive sales with customer data. Provide insight to your sales team empowering them to build relationships and provide exceptional customer service.

Springboard Retail POS Purchasing

Purchasing & Receiving

Build customized purchase orders that suit your business and use key features to enforce accuracy when shipments are received.

Springboard Retail POS Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Use data to enhance productivity. Dashboard shows real time KPIs with comps; easily generate detailed reports with any custom SmartField.

Springboard Retail POS Reporting

Designed for Growth

Whether you are expanding to multiple stores or adding ecommerce, Springboard Retail POS was designed to support omnichannel retail.