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Our POS software is focused on retail.

It's what we know, inside and out. Springboard Retail was built by seasoned retailers who thoroughly understand what it takes to start, manage and grow a profitable retail business. Smart, flexible, and intuitive features and functionality designed to support YOUR unique retail store type.

Single Store

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Easy-to-use cloud-based point of sale software that will ensure you're up and running quickly and seamlessly. 

  • Choose any type of hardware
  • Access your info anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible pricing per selling station


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Retail management features that connect your stores in real-time giving you focused insight to fuel growth.

  • Create unlimited custom fields
  • Integrate with our open API
  • Manage inventory intelligently


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Merge your brick & mortar enterprise with your ecommerce channel using our powerful built-in integrations.

 Propel your retail business at each stage of growth.

Watch a Demo

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Retail is our specialty.

From our point of view, restaurants and retail are very different; that's why we only focus on retail POS software.

After all, we're retailers too and that's where our expertise lies. Regardless of the type of retail business you run, we understand the intricacies of managing everything from inventory to customer relationships. Our point of sale and retail management software gives you the tools you need to thrive — whether you're a single store or a growing franchise.

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Antique Stores

business types_CraftPOS.pngCraft & Hobby Stores

business types_Gift.png
Gift & Accessory Stores

business types_Health & Beauty.png
Health & Beauty Stores

business types_Home.png
Home & Lifestyle Stores

business types_Museum.png
Museum & Book Stores

business types_Specialty.png
Specialty Stores

business types_Sports.png
Sporting Goods Stores

business types_Toys.png
Toy Stores

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