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Let's Get to Know Each Other

Why should I apply...


...when you don't even have a relevant job posted? Because at Springboard Retail, we believe that this is the most strategic way to build our team.

Even with higher mobility among workers in today’s generation, people still expect to spend YEARS in a job. So the idea that you have to be actively looking and stumble upon the right job when the company is seeking to fill a role (often in a very finite 6-8 week period) is a serious mismatch of supply and demand in our minds. And then within those 6-8 weeks in a normal recruiting process, you typically have a few hours at max to really get to know the company and culture. We believe recruiting should be less driven by serendipitous timing and more relationship-driven. If we can spend a bit longer getting to know each other, without the added pressure of trying to fill a position/land a job immediately, the potential positive impact for us both is very large

So if our mission, product and team resonate with you, introduce yourself today. We’d love to see where that might lead.

Tips to get hired from a proactive applicant
Proactive Applicant FAQs

What should I include in my introduction?
Please send your resume. We also appreciate links to LinkedIn, GitHub, or other social profiles!

Please indicate your areas of interest. At this stage, your areas of interest can be broad (i.e. sales, customer success, etc.). But if you have slightly more specific interest in a few areas (sales generally, plus sales engineering and sales operations, for example), please do let us know.

Finally, help us see how you could add value to our company. As a rapidly scaling early stage tech company, our org structure is appropriately dynamic and we don’t yet know everything about what the company needs in the future. Help us understand how your background, experience or interests make you a valuable and strategic addition to our team.

What happens after I proactively introduce myself?
Our People Ops team evaluates EVERY incoming introduction. We will tag your information based on your expressed interest and (thoughtfully keep you informed). While we will NOT overload your inbox with unnecessary information, we will share relevant information from our Leadership or People Ops team occasionally. 

In the event we have immediate needs, we will contact you to connect. In all other cases, we will notify you in advance of any relevant job postings based on your interests. You will receive notice prior to a job posting going live on any job boards.

Have you ever hired a proactive applicant?
YES. Hear directly from a recent hire in the video (link to video) above!

When does it make sense to follow-up?
When there are meaningful changes to your background (i.e new skills acquired, new experience gained, etc.). If your contact info changes. And, of course, when you are interested in an open position!


Feedback on the process?
We'd love to hear from you! Email us at recruitingfeedback@springboardretail.com.