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Business Intelligence

Reporting tools built right into your POS software gives you strategic insight.

Real-time Data

Log on anytime, anywhere and get the data you need across all of your channels.

Daily Snapshot

Quickview sales dashboard empowers all team members to make tactical decisions.

Custom Reports

Slice and dice the data you gather any way you want. And save the POS reports easily.

best retail reporting system

Gain a competitive advantage with data-driven insight. 

When you build custom fields throughout Springboard Retail POS and gather relevant data, you enable a powerful retail reporting engine to work for you. Harness that information, slice and dice it in any way you want. Go below the surface and take a deep dive into your sales, customers and inventory data to learn exactly what is selling and who is buying.

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"Being able to see instant results and quickly react, if needed, has allowed us to help our store teams focus their energy and efforts where it will payoff for them that day."



Reporting +Analytics Features 

Change the game and use data-driven insight to inform everything from buying to staffing to marketing. Springboard's business intelligence tools allow you to remain agile and proactive in the face of dynamic market conditions. See a complete list of our POS and retail management features.

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