checkbox sm.pngBusiness Intelligence

Reporting tools built right into your POS software to give you strategic insight.

checkbox sm.pngReal-time Data

Log on anytime, anywhere and get the data you need across all of your channels.

checkbox sm.pngDaily Snapshot

Quickview sales dashboard empowers all team members to make tactical decisions.

checkbox sm.pngCustom Reports

Slice and dice the data you gather any way you want. And save the pos reports easily.


Data drives the business of retail, but gaining insight is what helps you sell more, profitably. 

When you build custom fields throughout Springboard Retail POS, you enable a powerful retail reporting system to work for you. Harness that data, slice and dice it in any way you want. Go below the surface and take a deep dive into your sales, customers and inventory. Use real time reporting to understand exactly what is selling and who is buying.


Dashboard and Reporting Features

Quickview Sales Dashboard

Get that essential 10,000 foot view of your business wherever you are. Our easy to consume sales dashboard alerts you when there are fillable orders to process, customer follow up calls to make, or a discrepant transfer to resolve. 

Springboard POS reporting detail.png

Help your team drive sales by giving them access to key performance metrics in real time, with comparisons to last year’s sales or this year’s plan. And tailor their permissions to their roles, location and responsibility.

    • Updated in real-time
    • Set permissions based on users
    • Intuitive design 

Enterprise Level Reporting

 Springboard’s flexible reporting tool allows you to create and customize the exact report you want to see. Run the same reports all the time? Save your reports in the system and bookmark them with your web browser. 

Filter reports by location, inventory, or customer attribute, and group them by important dimensions, like your customized inventory attributes, customer information, date, time, and much more.

  • Compare data over time
  • Report against up to 3 prior periods in 1 report
  • Export reports to CSV or PDF, or share via URL

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Ready to drive your business with data and insight?

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