checkbox sm.pngEnterprise Orders

Process orders across all locations seamlessly.

checkbox sm.pngReal-time Inventory

View your inventory seamlessly across all stores.

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Real-time alerts help you process orders quickly.

checkbox sm.pngEmpower Sales

Save the sale, pull inventory from another channel.

Springboard POS order management

Distributed retail order management makes it easy to source orders from all channels.

Out of stock in one store but available to sell in another? We make inventory in all of your stores and warehouses visible in real-time. So a customer can place an order in one store that can be completed in another store for direct shipment or held for store pickup. Fillable orders immediately show up on the store’s dashboard so orders ship out fast.


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Order Management Features

Multi-channel Order Management

Avoid the pitfall of dead stock, open up your inventory across all channels and improve sell through. We make it easy to integrate with top ecommerce platforms and become an omnichannel retailer!

  • See inventory in real-time
  • Unify order reporting across all channels
  • Integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento
  • Fulfill orders from any locations 


 Split Orders to Multiple Fullfillment Points

Need to send part of an order to one store and another part to another store? Easy! You can distribute each order at the line level, allowing you to split up pieces of the order for fulfillment in whichever location has the inventory.

  • Place an order
  • Reserve inventory in a remote store
  • Create a fulfillment alert
  • Credit the source of the sale properly
  • Make customer's happy

Special Ordering

Don't have an item on hand? No problem. We make it easy to take a special order, generate a PO or pre-order items. Streamline management and keep customers happy.

  • Special orders. Place an order and generate a PO for a special item
  • Pre-order items. Sell irems prior to receiving shipment
  • Generate alerts when items are recieved into inventory


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