checkbox sm.pngCustomizable

You have complete control over your item information and hierarchy.

checkbox sm.pngReal-time

Your inventory is never out-of-date. Respond quickly and accurately to meet demand.

checkbox sm.pngGridded Items

See your item inventory in up to three dimensions, perfect for apparel and footwear.

checkbox sm.pngSmart Inventory

Enterprise-grade inventory features, like transfers and counts are built in.

Springboard Retail Inventory Management

Inventory management is crucial to a profitable retail business; our features are key. 

Whether you have a single store or multiple stores, inventory visibility is critical. With Springboard point of sale inventory, you can see the status and comprehensive history of any item across all of your stores in real-time. Our enterprise-grade features and customizability allow you to be responsive in meeting customer demand and proactive in your planning. Get started quickly, create individual items directly in the POS software or import items in bulk with our spreadsheet import tool.



Inventory Management Features

Customize your Item Data

Create custom SmartFields at the item level. Choose what data is essential to your business (and then report on it). You have complete control over the simplicity or depth of your merchandise data.

  • Unlimited SmartFields
  • Add images item records
  • Use your custom fields to target promotions
  • Inventory updated in real-time

Smart Enterprise-grade features

Springboard Retail POS software is built with a robust inventory feature set that will give you the accuracy and detail you need to manage your retail buisness. Grid-based item details allows you depth to your item record. Create unlimited grid templates to help speed item creation.

  • Partial and Full inventory counts
  • Transfer management including discrepancy feature
  • Custom reason codes for adjustments
  • Merge redundant items
  • Bin location field for warehouse management
  • Print labels/barcodes both laser and direct thermal
  • Sync inventory with ecommerce integrations 

Easy to Use Import System

Whether you add items individually or bulk upload, we make it easy and intuitive. Our import system is dynamic and allows you to make adjustments during import - no need to start from scratch until you get it right.

  • Map your fields from Springboard to a spreadsheet
  • Import the spreadsheet
  • Errors during import can be corrected, you can even create a new vendor 


Springboard POS Grid 2.pngSee your items in 3-dimensional grids

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