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Custom Fields

Collect the data that is relevant to your retail business. Our SmartFields give you flexibility.

QuickView Dashboard

Go mobile. Check a customer's dashboard, see their history and make smart recommendations.

360° View

Get a holistic view of your customers across all your channels. Engage with them intelligently.

Get Strategic

Keep your customers coming back with gift cards, built in promotions and retail customer loyalty programs.

retail customer relationship management system

Our CRM for retail gives you tools to build thoughtful relationships.

Did you know, it's much more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer? 
Providing customers with highly personalized experiences continues to be a key retail trend. We give you the means to get to know your customers, understand their habits, needs, and preferences without costly retail CRM software. 
Our custom fields allow you to get as granular as you'd like and create custom CRM views for your customer dashboard. See your customer's activity across all channels; use this data to segment and market strategically. And find out how retail POS software can improve customer experience, every day.

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"Springboard Retail has helped us make educated decisions
not just on buying but on clienteling as well. Now we’re using all the data we gather to build stronger marketing and ecommerce plans.



Customer Relationship Management Features 

Springboard Retail's CRM tools help you get personal, after all, today's customer expects sales and marketing to be tailored to them. Collect the data you need at the customer level and build the custom reports that give you the insight to know your customers deeply. See a complete list of our POS and retail management features.

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