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What is a selling station? 

A selling station is a device used to ring sales or fulfill sales orders placed from a phone, store, or website. All other access to Springboard Retail is free and users are unlimited!

If I make the switch, can I use my existing hardware and credit card processor?   

Yes! We're cloud-based so we work like Facebook or Gmail; you can access us on any one of your hardware devices, Mac or PC, tablet, or even your smart phone. In addition, many of the scanners and receipt printers on the market are also hardware agnostic so there's a good chance you can retain your current retail hardware devices. And lastly, Springboard Retail works with over 95% of credit card processors within North America as well as having integrations with Heartland and Vantiv.

Is it tech intensive? I am not all that great with technology and I need something easy for my employees?  

Springboard Retail has been designed as an easy to use and learn modern POS/MPOS system. We have been able to do this without sacrificing any control or reporting features within Springboard Retail. We have a full spectrum of tech users using our POS software efficiently and effectively with a support team to help guide you at a moments' notice if needed for any reason.

Can Springboard link up with eCommerce?   

Absolutely, we have omnichannel eCommerce integrations directly with Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify for a monthly connection fee of $59 per site connection. If you want to use another platform, we have an open developer API that would allow any integration to be built.

What are your hours of support? US based?   

We are located in Boston, MA and are open when you are open! Our customer support hours are Mon - Fri, 9AM - 8 PM EST and  10AM- 6 PM EST Sat - Sun and holidays. Our customer success team is super friendly and experienced in retail!

Can I bring my existing data to Springboard? Can I import it easily on my own?  

Yes! There are three options. We have a very comprehensive knowledge base that walks you through importing your basic data - inventory, customer and vendor lists etc., which is easily transferred simply through an Excel or CSV file. For more complex needs, we offer data migration services. In this case, our development team handles your data; we do not have a third party company migrate your data like many other POS companies do.  

How quickly can I be up and running if I were to switch?   

Springboard Retail can be up and running in as little as a week or two; essentially you are live the minute you sign a contract! We are willing to move as quickly or as slowly as you need. Keep in mind that there are a few moving parts in the process, but if hardware and credit card processing are good to go, then Springboard Retail is too. 

What do you do if the WiFi goes out? Do you have an offline mode?   

Springboard Retail is a web-application and to use Springboard Retail you need an active internet connection. While the internet is becoming increasingly reliable, we realize that an internet outage can happen. To ensure continued access to the internet, we recommend that you set up a redundant internet connection in your store. A couple of easy solutions are plugging in a 4G wireless cellular dongle into your wireless router which the router can fall back to in the event of an ISP outage. Or, if you have an iPad with cellular capabilities, you can fall back to cellular data on the iPad in the event that your store’s Wifi network goes down (or use your smartphone data as a mobile hotspot).  Since prolonged internet outages are increasingly rare, many of our customers opt not to employ a redundant internet connection and simply revert to hand slips temporarily in the event of an outage.

Can I access my store data at home?   

Springboard Retail is mobile! You can access it anytime, anyplace, on any device. At the airport, in the back of a cab, or at the beach - you can always see what's going on at your business. All data is 'point-in-time' meaning that the data you see is the data at that exact moment in time. There is no lag time on data you are receiving from your store(s).