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Springboard Retail POS Announces Integrated Traffic Counting Solution

Sep 27, 2018

Leading cloud POS and retail management system introduces SpringboardTRAC, an advanced traffic counting solution for growing brands & retailers.

Boston, MA — September 27, 2018  Springboard Retail, the leading cloud POS and Retail Management platform designed to help growing retail brands drive sales and margin, today announces the launch of SpringboardTRAC, an integrated foot traffic counting solution for independent retailers.

The new device offers an affordable way for users to collect real-time traffic and conversion data, view it seamlessly on the Springboard Retail sales dashboard, and in combination with sales metrics, gain valuable insight to optimize their retail business.

“SpringboardTRAC gives our retailers a distinct competitive advantage,” says Gordon Russell, Springboard CEO and founder of Resort Retail Group. “Traffic and conversion are critical metrics to my own retail team, allowing them to accurately measure store and staff performance, and evaluate the impact of our marketing efforts. Because of today’s shifting retail environment, brands need this level of intelligent insight to maintain their competitive edge.”

Pairing his 22 years of retail experience with current customer research, Russell and the Springboard product team built the SpringboardTRAC solution on an innovative and proven cloud-based traffic counting system. “We love being able to see our traffic and conversions right on the dashboard,” says Madeline Schroeder, Area Manager of Southern Tide New England and Springboard customer; “it allows us to measure ROI for events and promotions, as well as make more efficient staffing decisions and hold our sales associates and managers accountable for store performance.”

SpringboardTRAC Dashboard

TRAC Features:

  • The traffic counting solution is fully integrated into Springboard’s robust reporting engine to provide traffic metrics in context with sales plans, tickets, average transaction value, and other essential metrics.
  • Lower barrier to entry than traditional non-integrated traffic counting services, which often require retailers to buy hardware and software separately.
  • Web-enabled video technology allows for easy remote calibration.

TRAC Benefits:

  • Traffic metrics can be combined with other retail sales metrics to provide valuable business intelligence.
  • Retailers can more accurately measure store performance and track ROI on marketing and other promotional efforts.
  • By understanding their customers’ shopping behavior at a granular level, retailers can staff more efficiently reducing overhead cost.

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About Springboard Retail: Springboard Retail is a robust, cloud POS and end-to-end retail management platform designed by retailers. Built specifically for growing multi-store, multi-channel brands and retailers, the software is easy-to-use and delivers actionable real-time data across the enterprise, giving customers the agility they need to capitalize on shifting market conditions. Springboard Retail drives sales and margin with full inventory, order, promotions, and customer management, unparalleled reporting and analytics, and portability across platforms and devices. Springboard Retail powers $2 billion annually in retail sales across North America and Mexico.


Emily Fanning

Written by Emily Fanning

Emily Fanning is a Content Marketing Manager at Springboard Retail, where she focuses on digital marketing, educational retail content, and customer stories. Prior to Springboard, she was a retailer herself, leading all of the marketing, advertising, and social media efforts for In the Pink Stores, Inc., an 11-store women's apparel retailer in New England.

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