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[BlogPost 6064477323 The Surefire Way to Tell if Your Marketing is Working, BlogPost 6048333010 5 Things We Learned at IRC 2018, BlogPost 6036798940 How to Avoid Back-to-School Syndrome & Maximize Fall Sales, BlogPost 6008334042 10 Simple Tips to Boost Retail Sales, BlogPost 5973687738 What Really Counts in Retail Foot Traffic, BlogPost 5966430044 Physical Retail Isn't Dead. Boring Retail Is., BlogPost 5956099931 Size Doesn't Matter. Metrics Do.]

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The Surefire Way to Tell if Your Marketing is Working

Using foot traffic to measure marketing ROI is one of the most telling metrics when it comes to evaluating the success of your store's advertising campaigns. Your analysis should be based on much more than sales and transactions alone; store foot traffic and conversion rate must also be considered. >>

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5 Things We Learned at IRC 2018

We left the Independent Retailer Conference 2018 feeling more excited about the future of retail than ever. Here are our top 5 takeaways from our week in Las Vegas. >>

Topic: Customer Relationship Management

How to Avoid Back-to-School Syndrome & Maximize Fall Sales

The back-to-school shopping season often brings an influx of new customers and increased sales, but also presents the challenge of navigating how to capitalize on these opportunities without allowing those sales to come at the expense of a poorer experience for regular customers. >>

Topic: Retail Tips & Techniques

10 Simple Tips to Boost Retail Sales

How do I increase my store's sales? Well isn't that the million dollar question! There may not be one million dollar answer, but we sat down with some of our retailers and listened to their tips for selling more, profitably. Here are 10 simple tips to boost your retail sales today. >>

Topic: Our Integration Partners

What Really Counts in Retail Foot Traffic

Improve your retail conversion rate with an employee gift card incentive that could quadruple your ROI, and other common retail foot traffic conversion questions. >>

Topic: Business of Retail

Physical Retail Isn't Dead. Boring Retail Is.

The future of retail will not be evenly distributed. Those retailers who have looked closely know that the retail apocalypse narrative is nonsense. Yet, depending on where brands sit on the spectrum, the impact of digital disruption and the age of Amazon is affecting them quite differently. >>

Topic: Retail Analytics

Size Doesn't Matter. Metrics Do.

This free Retail Metrics Webinar, hosted by Springboard Retail and Paul Erickson of Management One, will explore why retail analytics are critical, how to increase cash flow, GMROI and why it's important, and much more. July 17 at 1PM EST / 12PM CST. >>

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