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[BlogPost 6366497214 Cashwrap Conversations: Streamline Retail, BlogPost 6342593699 8 Rules for Hiring & Retaining Sales Associates, BlogPost 6304692340 A Sure Sign You Need More Signage, BlogPost 6264077251 Cashwrap Conversations: Following the Tide, BlogPost 6219076753 Our 5 Favorite Retail Podcasts, BlogPost 6008291371 10 Ways Retail Has Changed Forever and Why It's Ok, BlogPost 6144474053 How to Win Over Upset Customers by PIC-ing a fight]

Topic: Our Partners

Cashwrap Conversations: Streamline Retail

We sat down with Streamline Retail's Josh Orr to chat about his brick and mortar & ecommerce consulting agency, how new technology is shaking up the retail industry, and what 2019 retail predictions and trends he's putting his money on. >>

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Topic: Customer Service

8 Rules for Hiring & Retaining Sales Associates

Retail consultant and hiring expert Jim Roddy shares his eight best retail hiring tips in this upcoming free webinar. His proven process will help you reduce your number of bad hires and make your successful hires even better. >>

Topic: Retail Marketing

A Sure Sign You Need More Signage

Without enough--or the proper--well-designed store signage, you could be missing out on potential foot traffic, sales, and return customers! Store owner and retail consultant Jennifer Haddad shares her retail store signage tips and breaks down how to use them to maximize your marketability and sales >>

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Cashwrap Conversations: Following the Tide

Southern Tide Nantucket is not your average retailer. A seasonal store located on the island of Nantucket, they have a peak season of less than four months. With lofty sales goals and an incredible amount of inventory to move, they rely on Springboard POS to power their thriving summer business. >>

Topic: Business of Retail

Our 5 Favorite Retail Podcasts

Check out our roundup of the best retail podcasts for independent retailers! These five broadcasts cover industry news, trends, insight and predictions through interviews with retail executives, consultants, influencers, thought leaders, and other industry veterans. >>

Topic: Business of Retail

10 Ways Retail Has Changed Forever and Why It's Ok

Retail has changed forever, but that's ok. The transition that began with the internet age and continues with a constant stream of new technology and concepts. And with the rise of the Millennial generation, there’s been a profound shift in consumers’ attitudes and expectations around shopping. >>

Topic: Customer Service

How to Win Over Upset Customers by PIC-ing a fight

There's nothing worse than starting your day with an upset patron at your store's door. Jim Roddy breaks down how to handle an upset customer and win them back by PIC-ing a fight: Consider Patience, Importance, and Compassion. >>

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