BigCommerce + Springboard Retail POS

The perfect solution for omni-channel retail.

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Grow with a powerful omnichannel solution. Unite a BigCommerce online store with our retail focused cloud POS system for uparallelled retail management capabilities. Sync your entire online catalog into Springboard Retail from BigCommerce with the click of a button—or vica versa.  When orders are placed in your BigCommerce store, they'll sync to Springboard Retail at which point you have the option to fulfill orders from a central point of fulfillment (like a warehouse) or split the order fulfillment across mutliple store locations. 
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Combined Benefits Include:

checkbox sm.png  Omni-channel solution
checkbox sm.png  Distributed order management
checkbox sm.png  Purchasing & receiving
checkbox sm.png  Comprehensive CRM & loyalty
checkbox sm.png  Powerful reporting & dashboards
checkbox sm.png  Bi-lateral catalog sync
checkbox sm.png  Simple and flexible pricing

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Everything you need to drive your retail business.

Springboard Retail POS

Order Management

Distributed order management allows you to optimize inventory across all channels in real-time, reaching customers where they shop.

Springboard Retail POS Inventory

Inventory Management

Transfers. Cycle counts. Point in time inventory values. Know exactly how much you own across stores and channels in real time.

Springboard Retail CRM

Customer Management

Drive sales with customer data. Provide insight to your sales team empowering them to build relationships and provide exceptional customer service.

Springboard Retail Purchasing

Purchasing & Receiving

Build customized purchase orders that suit your business and use key features to enforce accuracy when shipments are received.

Springboard Retail Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Use data to enhance productivity. Dashboard shows real time KPIs with comps; easily generate detailed reports with any custom SmartField.

Springboard Retail Growth

Designed for Growth

Whether you are expanding to multiple stores or adding ecommerce, Springboard Retail POS was designed to support omnichannel retail.

Springboard Retail Customize

Make It Your Own

Springboard's SmartFields allow you to track any data you want. Plus, with our REST API you can easily build custom apps or integrations.

Springboard Retail Data

Bring Your Data With You

It's easy to migrate your historical data from your POS system into Springboard. You can easily upload the data or let us do the work for you.

Springboard Retail Platform

No Upgrades

With Springboard's cloud-based Retail Management Platform, you're always up to date with the latest features. No more painful and expensive upgrades.