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Springboard Retail Product News

Feature Highlights!

Sometimes, even the little changes have a big impact! We want to make sure you're aware of all the major and minor updates that are happening as we grow the Springboard Retail platform! 

Check-in monthly to learn what feature updates have been released!


    — February 2019 Updates —  


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    — January 2019 Updates —  


Multiple Inventory Adjustments

Based on your valuable feedback, we have added the option to create multiple inventory adjustments for multiple items at once. You’ve told us this will save you a lot of time, and we are all about doing that! Learn more here.



    — June 2018 Updates —  


Printing Labels From Transfers

Now, in addition to being able to print labels from purchase orders and receipts, you can print labels directly from item transfers.

    — May 2018 Updates —  


Item Price Change Tracking

You've always been able to report on markdowns once an item is sold. However, you can now see a history of item price changes in our reporting platform for unsold merchandise as well. By tracking markdowns over time buyers will be able to better understand how things are selling when placing their next order. 

Price Change Tracking

Learn how to run an item price change report here.


POS Item Custom Fields

It's now possible to display item custom fields on the POS screen. You can toggle these fields in the custom fields settings. Fields such as brand, style name, and any other custom field you desire can help your sales people to make sure the correct items are being sold.

POS Custom Fields

See how you can take advantage of POS custom fields here.


Auto-Add Items on Allocated Purchase Orders

As an enhancement to our Purchase Ordering functionality, you will now be able to set target quantities and reorder points for use in allocated purchase orders. This will help speed up the ordering process when you are ordering for multiple stores.

Learn more about our Purchase Order functionality here.


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