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Essential Retail Buying Reports to Boost Profitability

Being a successful retail entrepreneur depends on having the right product, at the right price, at the right time. It stands to reason then that using your retail purchasing and receiving software to understand what products your customers respond to is essential. But in addition, being able to pull metrics about each individual vendor you work with will also give you the power to control the transaction and the confidence to negotiate.

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Topics: Retail Buying, Retail Analytics

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Harness Your Data for Painless Store Staffing

Whether it's just you and two employees or you're managing a team of 100, staffing a retail store can be tricky! You want...

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Analytics

Cashwrap Conversations: The Championship Shop @ BLENDS

I doubt I’ll ever forget my first encounter with a pop up retail shop. Old Navy was celebrating the launch of its new...

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Are You Making the Right Purchasing Decisions for Your Business? FREE Retail Buying Webinar!

Let's find out!

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Topics: Retail Buying

Retail Inventory Reports That Will Change Your Business

Reporting on inventory is unquestionably the most important thing you can do for your retail business; after all, it’s...

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Topics: Inventory Management, Retail Analytics

3 Ways to Use Data for Your Retail Marketing Strategy

There is far more to retail marketing than designing a catchy e-mail blast and choosing the best Instagram filter; great...

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Topics: Retail Marketing, Retail Analytics

Sell Your Sole with These Shoe Selling Tips!

We've already talked about the importance of strong inventory management—especially in shoe stores, where stockrooms are...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques

How to Use POS Data for Retail Merchandising

Agile retailers know that collecting, analyzing, and acting on dataquicklyis a non-negotiable to grow in an...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques, Retail Analytics

What are You Doing to Drive Repeat Business? FREE Retail Marketing Webinar!

Whether you have handfuls or hundreds of customers coming into your store every day, taking the time to collect customer...

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Topics: Events, Customer Relationship Management, Retail Marketing

3 Key Retail Sales Reports to Run Daily

While certainly not the only metric indicative of its success, store sales is the ultimate indicator of the health of...

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Topics: Retail Analytics

How To Measure YOUR Store's Performance

We all sit here day after day and strategize about how we want our retail business to grow. But, how do we measure that...

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Topics: Retail Analytics

How To Double Your Gift Card Sales

44% / Consumers who said they were more likely to visit a store they would not have gone to otherwise because of a gift...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques, Ecommerce

NEW! Free Retail POS Analytics & Metrics Report

Do you really KNOW your business?Do you understand why customers come back through your doors? (Or don’t.) Do you collect...

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Topics: Retail Analytics

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