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Daymion Phelps: Why I Joined Springboard Retail

Posted by Daymion Phelps on Aug 15, 2019
Daymion Phelps

Daymion Phelps Springboard Retail I grew up working in retail stores and loved it. Eventually, I went from apparel and shoes, to point of sale systems: ‘from one side of the counter to the other' as I've termed it. Over the last 20 years I've worked with multiple systems in the point of sale industry and throughout my career I've been engaged in retail as well as hospitality system sales, point of sale channel development and management, as well as retail consulting. I've also been through the major technology shifts in retail point of sale systems: from the counter to the cloud, aisles to online, and now beyond.

While today's retailer seems to have endless opportunity for reinvention, change is not always easy, and nothing is like it used to be for brands and retailers. Faced with its own brand of disruption, retail competition is not a level playing field. Hailed as everything from an ‘apocalypse' to a ‘renaissance', and everything in between, retail has made its share of headlines. For the forward thinking brands and retailers of today, however, the store is now the experience, inventory is a liability graded on a curve that runs from commodity to sustainability, and most importantly, the customer is the channel.

Brands and retailers, forced to evolve, need systems that enable the growth of of dynamic commerce, not legacy technology components cobbled together with silo-ed automation. That's exactly where I think Springboard Retail comes in. Simply put, Springboard Retail's software makes sense. Best in class building blocks, friendly layout, graphics, intuition, and the room for growth within the system is the smartest I have seen. Most importantly, the framework for retail commerce extensions outside of the physical store is brilliant. Springboard Retail provides a vital platform "backbone" that can power a vibrant technology ecosystem. That's because Springboard combines the experience of successful retail operators with the best of modern technology.

But it's not just the product. As former retailers themselves, the team at Springboard is incredibly committed to the success of their customers, from deployment to implementation. And as brands and retailers reinvent their business models, and map their path to the "store of the future," they need a technology partner that will go above and beyond to help them succeed. Not only with technology, but with people and process as well. In short, Springboard Retail couples a flexible, purpose-built product with a thoughtful and committed team. I am thrilled to call myself a Springboarder.

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