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What CRM features should I look for in a POS?

Posted by Petra Geiger on Mar 6, 2018
Petra Geiger
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Good question. Glad you asked. We tackled this one in our NEW Customer Relationship Management Report. Learn what retail CRM features to look for when shopping for new POS software.To grow profitably and meet customers where they are, it's essential that retailers today use data to understand customers deeply. Your POS is the first line of defense in data collection and can provide a wide range of insight into buying behavior. With this tool in your back pocket, you can start to segment your customers and market to them ways that provide a very powerful and personalized experience. A data-driven, customer engagement strategy demands three key elements: the right software, a data collection methodology, and an empowered team. Let's look at what it means to have "the right software".

The Right Software 

In order to collect the right data, every retailer needs CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features and functionality either built-in or integrated with their POS software. Today, modern cloud-based POS software often includes CRM features that are flexible, user-friendly and mobile. The biggest consideration when evaluating software is the ability to create “custom” fields within the customer profile allowing you to collect any data relevant to your business. Additionally, the software should have the ability to generate custom reports, have a real-time customer dashboard for easy customer look-up, and lastly be mobile—easily accessible from a smartphone or tablet. The ability to track and aggregate as much of the customer’s journey as possible is crucial, both for online and offline channels.

Springboard_CRM_integrated solution.png

6 Essential Features for a POS CRM

Custom Fields provide the ability to collect any data point you want. Your POS should allow you to customize any field within the customer record from birthday to favorite color.

Custom Reporting gives you the ability to sort, filter and group the data you collect in any way you want. If you're limited to "canned" reports then you'll miss out on opportunities to see data in ways they are relevant to YOUR business!

Customer Dashboard is a great clienteling tool that gives your whole team from sales to marketing a quick profile of a customer, empowering them to make strategic, smart and savvy decisions on-the-fly.


Snapshot of Springboard Retail's Customer Dashboard

Mobility is essential. Your POS CRM tool must be cloud-based, updated in real-time and accessible from any device. It should be a roving companion to all associates. When your sales team is in the dressing room and has the ability to pull up a customer's history to recommend the right dress, in the right color, that's a competitive advantage!

Integrations with Ecommerce ensures that you are getting a COMPLETE view of your customer's journey. Do they research online and shop in-store or do they touch and feel in-store only to buy online. A bi-directional sync is the gold standard like the one Springboard Retail has with BigCommerce. Omnichannel is the future of retail so look for POS software that can integrate ecommerce with your store's POS.

Integration with Marketing & Loyalty platforms will allow productivity and efficiency to soar. Loyalty platforms like Thirdshelf will allow you to harness your customer data to create segmented and personalized marketing campaigns - and save you time!

Today, retailers must move towards an omnichannel POS solution that provides a holistic, real-time view of their entire business. Not only that, marketing, loyalty, financial and other software solutions must integrate seamlessly with the POS providing a complete view of a customer’s touchpoints. Creating a personalized, precise marketing strategy requires that retailers have the ability to collect any data they want and pull reports that give them the insight to segment their customers in ways that surprise and delight customers — keeping them coming back again and again. Ultimately, that's why it's so important to pay attention to what POS CRM features are available!

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