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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Springboard Retail Customers

Posted by Emily Fanning on Feb 7, 2020
Emily Fanning

The average person is expected to spend $196.31 on Valentine's Day this year, up 21 percent from 2019's already record breaking $161.96. Fifty-five percent of us will celebrate, shopping for everyone from our significant other to our coworkers and pets.

Blog-Valentines-2020-FeaturedNow, no offense to the chocolate, jewelry, and flower retailers of the world, but we're opting to put our two Benjamins toward a selection of more unique gifts come February. This past holiday season, we forwent the traditional gift baskets and gifted our retail partners and customers with something a little closer to our hearts: Turtles!

We adopted over 25 turtles in customer names through Loggerhead Marinelife Center—another member of the Springboard Retail family—which directly benefits the continued care and treatment of sick and injured sea turtles. It yielded some of the most heartfelt thank you's we have ever received, prompting us to consider for Valentine's Day too (their current adoption package comes with a message in a bottle, exclusive to February!).

I scoured our Springboard Retail customers' catalogues to see what other unique Valentine's Day gift ideas might be out there, and I can confidently say some of you gentlemen will be ditching the tired and cliché assorted chocolate boxes for good after diving into this list.

Blog-Valentines-2020-HoneyHoney Gift Sets

We won't deny that prepackaged gift baskets do make for pretty attractive and impressive presents, and it doesn't get much easier for the giver. In addition to turtle adoptions, we also gifted a number of our retail partners with Savannah Bee Company honey sets this past Christmas; their Bee Cause foundation provides grants and education to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards, while protecting our planet's precious pollinators. Give a great gift, help a great cause!

Blog-Valentines-2020-TheaterPerformance or Museum Tickets

As they say, the best gifts in life are not things. Pretty sure that implies that the best gifts in life are love, friendship, companionship...but I claim experience. Whether you spend your Valentine's Day at the museum or wrap tickets for a future date night, the memories are far more valuable than the sticker price. Check out the event calendars of Philadelphia Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Arts, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston for inspiration.


Handmade Paper Prints

Crafted from recycled materials, these handmade paper prints from Springboard gift retailer Sugarboo & Co come in 28 different quotes ranging from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Jim Henson. Frame them for an extra special touch. 

Blog-Valentines-2020-NotesPersonalized Love Notes Tray

For less than an $8 personalization fee, handcrafted art and gift brand Wendall August Forge will take your handwritten love note and engrave your own handwriting onto this personalized heart-shaped tray, perfect for holding loose jewelry, keys, or other desk trinkets.


Coffee Table Photo Album

Few things say I love you as much as a look at your own love story! This oversized coffee table photo album from Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store is a reminder of why printing photos can be so fun, instead of letting them sit up there in the cloud for years on end.


Scented Candles

Why give roses when you can give rose candles that will outlast and then some? Or Crisp Champagne? Or sweet Macaron? These aren't your mother's scented candles—Voluspa's handcrafted fine quality fragrances have a cult following, counting Selena Gomez among its biggest fans.

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