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Cashwrap Conversations: Streamline Retail

Here are Springboard Retail, we're fortunate to work with some really cool retailers. But you already knew that, didn't you?

What you might not know is that we're also lucky enough to partner with a number of creative retail industry experts, consultants, and influencers—guys like Josh Orr at Streamline Retail. From the time he was a teen working the sales floor after school, he's had a thing for instilling confidence in people. Then: Store customers, with a new pair of sneakers or a good fitting pair of jeans. Now: Store owners, with the technology and training necessary to grow their retail business seamlessly and profitably, without getting bogged down by distractions and learning curves.

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The 8 Truths of Markdowns (FREE Retail Webinar!)

How much product is marked up initially directly affects how profitable your retail business can be.  Many retailers...

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The Surefire Way to Tell if Your Marketing is Working

It should be easy to determine if your marketing is effective...right?  If you run a new radio campaign and sales lift,...

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What Really Counts in Retail Foot Traffic

We last talked about common retail foot traffic KPIs and the importance of conversion, but let's address some common...

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How to Measure Retail Store Traffic to Boost Profitability

Competition for customers has never been more fierce, and more than ever, retailers need to consider the value of each...

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Cashwrap Conversations: Catching Fireflies

Much like our friends at Sugar Paper, Catching Fireflies started out as a two creatives with a small business idea that...

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4 Ways Inventory Management Saves Money and Helps You Grow Sustainably

Ask any online retailer what their primary business goal for this year is, and more often than not, you’ll get an answer...

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5 Ways to Transform from Multi-Channel Retailer to an Omni-Channel Powerhouse

In today’s ever-changing retail world, one thing is certain: the more places you’re selling, the better your chances of...

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Retail Loyalty Solutions: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

As if you don’t already have enough to think about, retailers these days face an onslaught of important tech-centric...

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Springboard Retail and Heartland Partner to Help SMBs Sell More, Smarter

Today, Heartland Payment Systems and Springboard Retail announced their partnership to help small businesses compete in...

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Announcing New Partners at NRF15

We're busy here in New York at #NRF15 - the National Retail Federation's Big Show. Come by and visit us in Booth 1121 and...

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