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Springboard Retail Q1 2019 Product Updates

Posted by Emily Fanning on Apr 4, 2019
Emily Fanning

We've had quite the first quarter over here on the Engineering Team! We are continuously committed to developing the best omnichannel mobile POS solution for growing brands & retailers, and because of your suggestions, the Springboard Retail features list is growing. Here's a glimpse at just a few of the exciting updates and product enhancements included in this past quarter's releases.

Core Reports

One of our favorite things about our product is its robust reporting tool, and we love seeing how many of our customers put it to great use! Such good use that we decided to make it even easier to access them: Our new set of pre-built Core Reports with visuals feature 12 of the most popular sales, customer, inventory, purchasing, and payment reports. Now, with just one click, it's even simpler for retailers to discover valuable insights from their data.

Our current set of Core Reports were selected based on hours of brainstorming and conversations between the Product and Customer Success teams and our customers. These 12 came out on top as those more frequently run or requested by our brands and retailers:

                Net Sales By Location
                Net Sales By Item Description
                Net Sales By Custom Field
                Net Sales By Vendor
                Net Sales By Sales Rep
                Top Customers
                Inventory On Hand By Vendor
                Negative On Hand
                Adjustment Reasons
                On Order
                Overdue Orders
                Sales Tax Collected
                Payments By Type

Click here to learn more about Core Reports and how each of the above can help you gain powerful insight into your business!

Top Customers Core Report

Integrated Shipping Fulfillment

Whether you're constantly filling website orders or are doing a lot of mailing from your store(s), we get it - setting up shipments can be seriously tedious, especially when you have to bounce between multiple windows and mail carriers. That's why we're especially excited to announce our new Integrated Shipping Fulfillment feature: Retailers can now generate shipping labels, compare rates between services, track packages, and email customers when items have been shipped - all from within the Springboard Retail order management and fulfillment system. No need for third-party fulfillment centers or extra apps! 

Today's customer wants to shop anytime, anywhere, and we're committed to helping our brands and retailers deliver that customer convenience and experience through out omnichannel solution, which was built to help them offer a seamless shopping experience, from in-store to online. This feature is the newest addition to our product's industry-leading retail management integrations, including ecommerce, loyalty, and inventory. 

Ready to turn on and set up integrated shipping for your store? Let's go! 

In-Store Replenishment

We're stoked about this new tool that will allow you to replenish your store floors SO much quicker! Retailers can now run a replenishment report with just one click. The report includes items and quantity sold, quantity still on hand, and bin location, making restocking quick and efficient. Replenishments can be done as often as you like, be in once an hour or once a day, and the tool will always remember the last time one was completed so inventory stays accurate. You won't have to recreate a new report each time the floor needs a refresh. 

Take it from one of our seasonal retailers, Southern Tide Nantucket, whose summer traffic and high sales mean a constant all-day need for replenishments: “This feature is a game changer. Replenishing our sales floor used to be a tedious and manual process, so on busy days, that meant not getting to it until after close. By leaving size and merchandise gaps on the floor, we were constantly missing out on potential revenue.” Click here to learn more!

PR_InStoreReplenRemember, Springboard Retail is built on YOUR feedback. In the top right corner of your Dashboard, click on “Send Feedback” from the dropdown to share new ideas or upvote existing ones!

Features above are currently in beta; current customers should reach out to Customer Success to activate.

Intrigued by these releases but not currently a Springboard Retail customer?
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