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4 Spring 2020 Jacket Trends

Posted by Emily Fanning on Feb 4, 2020
Emily Fanning

With your enchanted window displays now stored away, your holiday hours back to normal, and your after-Christmas sales complete, it's time to get a move on your late-winter and early-spring Immediates buys.

Half of the continent has a good 2-3 more months of coat weather, so make sure you haven't flipped your entire store to beach coverups and open-toed shoes just yet. Here are four Spring 2020 jacket trends for boutique buyers to consider as you head to MAGIC this month, Dallas in March, and/or place your ready-to-ship and spring orders.

Blog-2020-Jacket-Trends-BlazerThe Blazer

One of the most commercial and classic jackets of them all, the blazer is experiencing a resurgence in boutique retail as the female power suit returns to the runway and popular culture. Commonly offered in both oversized menswear-styles and tailored silhouettes, the blazer will be added to dressing rooms everywhere from hipster collectives to the preppiest of boutiques.

A timeless tailored black blazer, like this one from Max & Riley, is a closet staple and can bridge multiple seasons, making it a great piece to always keep in stock. Look for unique variations on classics as well: Gretchen Scott takes the timeless gold-buttoned double-breasted blazer and adds some texture and frayed cuffs. And Jarbo's current blazer collection is packed with buying inspiration: military style, mohair, boyfriend style, and even puffer—a unique winter-to-spring transition style.

Blog-2020-Jacket-Trends-MotoThe Moto

Moto jackets can serve as anything from everyday outerwear to a statement piece, often making them an easily justifiable purchase for shoppers ("you'll get so much use out of it!"). You won't have a hard time sourcing leather and faux-leather options, but we're also seeing fresh textures like suede, fur, and linen hit the markets.


The Trucker

Lots of fresh takes on the trucker jacket as well this year. Sherpa detailing on the collar and the lining have been popular, and a few more fashion-forward features include oversized collars, corduroy (Faherty's Varro Jacket), color blocking, and printed linings (Kittsona's Frankie Denim Jacket). Trucker jackets tend to be popular in the fall, but you'll find many denim versions in Spring markets.


The Teddy Bear

No longer just a lining, sherpa teddy bear coats have taken center stage this winter, and since you'll find them in so many neutral and pastel colors, they aren't going anywhere before mid-spring. How many other pieces allow you to combine cozy comfort and runway style so effortlessly? Customers will eat these up.

Jacket and Coat Merchandising Tips

  • Keep your coat displays clean and uncrowded: Since they're heavier and thicker than dresses or blouses, jackets are hard to browse if too many are squished onto a rack. A size run of each style is sufficient; just be sure to run frequent replenishment reports to keep all sizes filled in and avoid missing sales.
  • Always use a mannequin to display: Understandably so, we look at jackets and coats as outerwear, covering up anything else we're wearing. Yet when you leave a jacket unbuttoned or unzipped over a complete outfitted mannequin, it sells shoppers on the look as a whole, encouraging upselling.
  • Keep jackets displayed in your window: While we're all looking forward to warmer weather, a passerby—still feeling the chill of February—is more likely to stop in their tracks when they see something that is going to serve them well now.

Being on top of fashion trends is only the first half of the battle.

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