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Sneakers, Simplified: Your Guide to the Biggest Sneaker Trends Right Now

Posted by Joshua Nichols on Dec 3, 2019
Joshua Nichols
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Sneaker stocking can be intimidating.

Between the near infinite number of brands, current trends, and the needs of your clientele, there are numerous factors for you retail buyers to consider before purchasing any merchandise for your store. That's why we've done the work for you and compiled some of 2019's best selling athletic footwear. So whether you're looking for sneakers with style, or shoes with a focus on functionality, or maybe a healthy combination of both, we know which sneakers will be continuing to catch eyes and clear shelves in 2020.

Blog-Sneaker-Trends-2020-01THE HIDDEN GEM

Nike's Pegasus Turbo Shield Running Shoes have managed to stay off the public radar thus far, but customers will have a hard time avoiding this style when they walk into your store. The engineered meshing allows for a more breathable wear and contours to the runner's foot. Waterproof with sealed seams, these shoes appeal to both the athletic and the casual buyer. Along with black and purple, these sneakers are also available in sharp pink with a black foam base.

Blog-Sneaker-Trends-2020-01LESS STRESS, MORE COMFORT

If your demographic leans more towards athletic sneakers, I highly recommend the Gel Kayano 26 and the Gel Nimbus 22 from ASIC. Not only are these shoes stylish, but they feel incredible. All of ASIC's shoes are known for their comfort and shock absorption, minimizing any foot stress. These sneakers are perfect for athletes, long-distance runners, and just about anyone who's on the move. Your customers will feel like they're walking on clouds when they leave your store.

Blog-Sneaker-Trends-2020-01FASHION MEETS FUNCTION

adidas is known for blending function and fashion, and their Ultraboosts are no exception. These shoes are well-ventilated and comfortable, and the cushioned base is ideal for all types of running and athletics. If you're looking to add variety to your shelves, Ultraboosts come in a large array of colors and designs. These sneakers will appeal to every type of customer, whether they're looking for stylish runners or comfortable everyday footgear.

Blog-Sneaker-Trends-2020-01STYLISH STREETWEAR

Formerly the Iniki Runner, adidas's I-5923 is designed for style just as much as function. They're fantastic for streetwear and my personal go-to if I'm out and about for the day. They come in an assortment of different motifs, so finding pairs that cater to your customers' needs and preferences shouldn't be a problem.

Blog-Sneaker-Trends-2020-01FOR THE MINIMALIST

If you're looking for a toned down, more nuanced style, UGG's Feli Hyper Weave might be your holy grail. These sneakers are subtle and lack flash, giving them a classic "80s runners" aesthetic. The HyperWeave knit is comfortable, breathable, and form-fitting, making these shoes perfect for the daily grind. The minimalist build and colors will let your customers pair these shoes with almost any outfit, perfect for both fashion and comfort.

Blog-Sneaker-Trends-2020-07-08TRIED AND TRUE

One brand of sneakers that will never go out of style is Vans. Tried and true, these shoes will spruce up any retail store and stand out on any wall, especially the Cadmium Yellow Tidepools. Vans are made from a suede/canvas material and stand up to the wear-and-tear of time. They come in all varieties of designs, but the Black and White Old Skools will always be timeless.

Author-Cyndi-Zaweski-600Joshua Nichols is a novice writer and content creator. He writes about fashion, music, and literature. He also enjoys dabbling in creative writing and storytelling. Follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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