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Sell Your Sole with These Shoe Selling Tips!

Posted by Emily Fanning on May 1, 2018
Emily Fanning

We've already talked about the importance of strong inventory management—especially in shoe stores, where stockrooms are often packed sky-high and not being able to locate the right size is a deal breaker! But there's a lot more to making the sale than having the right inventory; customers want an experience. They want to feel valued, and they want just the right amount of assistance without feeling as though they're being followed around or pressured by a sales associate. Here are 10 of our favorite shoe selling tips to seal the deal:

1. Pay attention to every customer. No one wants a Pretty Woman moment! He may not look like a traditional athlete, but he could be a 3-time marathoner. She might walk in wearing stilettos, but she’s hitting the Appalachian Trail next week. Make no premature judgments on anyone who walks through your doorthey might just end up being your next top customer.

2. Have you heard about our one-day sale? Let customers know about any promotions you are offering up front. Instill a sense of urgency before they even start browsing.

3. Ask why they’re visiting. Are they looking for shoes to wear to a wedding? Something for a job interview? If applicable, ask what else they’re wearing to the occasion so you can help find a good match!

4. Keep the conversation open. If they don’t need help or are “just browsing,” respond with “Ok! I’m here if you need me to grab any sizes for you!” Give them space to shop without pressure. 

5. Consult their customer history. Using your retail POS, look up past purchases and notes on their customer dashboard to make smart recommendations. What size do they wear? What styles have they purchased before? For more ideas on what customer data points to collect, download our free Retail CRM Report

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6. Take a risk. If a customer starts to show interest in a particular pair, present them with additional similar styles they might like. They may end up buying far more than they came in for!

7. Reveal the features. Comfort, quality, value, waterproof—these are things your customer wants to hear.

8. Exude confidence. There’s nothing worse than a customer receiving an “Um, I’m not sure” response to their question. If they ask something you don’t know the answer to, say “I’ll check on that for you!”

9. Stay one step ahead. Be prepared for potential hesitations the customer may have, like price. If they want to look at a particularly expensive pair, chat up how great the quality is, or how the classic style will last forever, before they hone in on the price tag.

10. Do whatever it takes to get them the shoe! If you have additional stores, use your shoe store inventory software to check stock levels at other locations and place an order. Not on hand there either? Your retail POS should be able to place a special order and quickly generate a PO for that item. 

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