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Size Doesn't Matter. Metrics Do.

Posted by Emily Fanning on Jul 12, 2018
Emily Fanning

One store, forty stores. Luxury apparel, pet supplies. 30 SKUs, 3000 SKUs. No matter your store's size, location, structure or vertical: metrics MATTER. Join us this month for a free Retail Metrics Webinar - cohosted by industry expert Paul Erickson of Management One - and learn why analytics are critical to your retail business's success. 

retail metrics webinar free

 — —   LEARN   — —

Why retail metrics are essential

How to maximize profitability by harnessing POS inventory data

How to shift from an annual to weekly focus

How to increase cash flow - quickly

GMROI and why it's important

...and much more!

You'll gain valuable insight into what top performing stores across the company are doing to stay agile and grow profitably using metrics. The live webinar airs Tuesday, July 17 at 1PM EASTERN / 12PM CENTRAL, and we can't wait to see you there! 

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