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Hiring a Retail Store Manager? 12 Essential Questions to Ask

Posted by Petra Geiger on Jan 12, 2017
Petra Geiger
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Often, retail growth involves opening up new sales channels whether that be a pop-up store, entirely new location or ecommerce channel. Regardless, short of cloning yourself, this will necessitate bringing on team members to help with operations, accounting, marketing or sales, which can mean hiring a store manager. This is a key position within the retail enterprise and hiring the right person is essential to building trust throughout the organization. Are you currently hiring a store manager? We thought you might appreciate this compilation of interview questions as you engage with your prospects and assess their retail management skills.

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How do you think your colleagues would describe you as a manager?

What are the most important considerations when diffusing a conflict between employees?

What is your opinion on being friends with your coworkers?

What qualities do you look for in an employee ?


Describe an effective inventory process? What are the necessary steps?

What’s the most important decision you make every day as a store manager?

You have to teach a new employee how to use the POS system software, how do you train him/her effectively?

What retail POS reports do you consider essential to run daily, weekly, monthly?


Who are our main competitors?

In today's retail landscape, what does a superior customer experience look like?

What strategies do you prefer for motivating employees to go above and beyond?

What tasks, when executed incorrectly, directly impact sales?

Need some more ideas for interview questions to assess a candidates retail management skills? Here's a great resource for more great questions to ask and a sampling of questions you might get asked! 


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