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How Agile Retailers Harness Inventory Data to "Fail Fast"

Posted by Petra Geiger on Oct 19, 2017
Petra Geiger
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We ask Marc Weiss, CEO of Management One, what he thinks is needed to thrive in retail today. His answer? The ability to "fail fast". Find out what that means when you sign up for our complimentary retail inventory management expert webinar!

Using POS retail inventory data is critical for success. With comprehensive data comes control, which savvy retailers are harnessing to make strategic business decisions, quickly solve problems, and spot trends well before the competition. Small to mid-size retailers have an immense tool set available to them through their POS software. Learn how Marc Weiss approaches inventory management and why it's one reason he's so positive about the future of retail!


A co–founder of Management One™, Marc was primarily responsible for developing the merchandise planning side of the business. Today, he continues to further develop his vision of the science of inventory planning. Marc has a deep background in most every phase of retail, but he has a particular passion for marrying merchandise planning to all-important cash flow. Join us for a free webinar on how modern retailers are harnessing their inventory data. Get valuable insight to help your retail business grow profitably and participate in a Q&A with inventory expert Marc Weiss, CEO of Management One.

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How inventory management has shifted to a more agile framework.

How to develop a framework & KPI's for measuring your retail business.

What 5 POS inventory reports you can start to run right now — and why.

“Retail today is a fight for marketshare, whoever has the information and can act on it quickly wins.” 
~ Marc Weiss, CEO, Management One



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