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The Retailer vs. Customer Journey

Posted by Emily Fanning on Dec 28, 2017
Emily Fanning

Knowing your customer’s journey, their preferences, habits and history gives you the intelligence to create a customer experience and marketing plan that resonates with them. How do you do that? Through data collection, analysis and customer segmentation, all of which allow you to engage your customers in highly personalized and meaningful ways.

Check out this retail customer service infographic, and note just how much goes on behind the scenes of a successful transaction! Before the sale even occurs, retailers must mine historical customer data to inform everything from inventory to merchandising to marketing decisions.

During the sale, cloud-based, mobile clienteling gives store associates a snapshot view of customers, empowering them to make targeted recommendations, notate observations, and collect relevant data. And post sale, retailers must focus on segmenting their data to provide the personalized and highly relevant marketing experiences that inspire trust, confidence and loyalty.


The bottom line is that to cultivate brand loyalty and build experiences that customers love, effective retailers are constantly collecting, analyzing and acting on POS customer data. To learn more about which data points you should be collecting and how you can do so through your mobile POS software, download our NEW Customer Relationship Management Report

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