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The Easiest Ways to Attract New Customers and Keep Them Coming Back: FREE Retail CRM Webinar!

Posted by Emily Fanning on Jan 16, 2018
Emily Fanning

Your inventory can be perfectly managed. Your staffing spot on. Your merchandising impeccable. Yet without an engaged customer base, your retail business cannot thrive!

Customers are the backbone of your success, and in order to grow profitably, retailers must have a deep understanding of who their customer is  their journey, preferences, habits and history. Collecting such data and knowing how to analyze and act on it is what will give retailers an advantage in an increasingly competitive market. We're excited to share this complimentary retail CRM webinar: Learn from retail marketing expert Jake Fell how to track the customer journey, which data points you should be collecting, and how they can be put to use in creative marketing and loyalty-boosting initiatives


Fell, Co-Founder of eMarketing Logic, claims “instead of pitching your products or services, deliver information that makes your buyer more intelligent. This delights the buyer, which makes them more likely to reward you with their business and loyalty." He'll share how he approaches content marketing and why it is so important for sparking trust and loyalty within a customer relationship.

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— — LEARN — —

Why it's critical to collect customer data and  how to do it.

How to analyze and segment your data to create personalized experiences for your customers.

Pro tips on creating highly effective marketing campaigns. 

Topics: Events, Customer Relationship Management

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