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Survey Shows Retail Loyalty Programs a Top Customer Preference!

Posted by Petra Geiger on May 4, 2017
Petra Geiger
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Lately, we've read a lot about the importance of 'the customer experience' to engage and build brand loyalty.  As well as how personalization is a key means to this end. This trend has been well documented and generally supports the realities of the current retail landscape. When you can buy virtually anything online today, why shop in store? Personalization is one way of cultivating long-term relationships with customers but we wanted to find out what kinds of personalization customers respond to and how it ranks when compared with other types in store experiences. So we asked!

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Springboard Surveys Shoppers on Personalization and the Customer Experience in Apparel Retail.

We know customers have come to expect personalized interactions with their favorite brands. Today, getting an email or postcard with your name on it is nothing new. But, what kind of personalization do shoppers really care about most? How important is personalization relative to other aspects of the customer experience to boost retail loyalty? And, how does this apply specifically to apparel retailers?

We surveyed a group of 400 apparel shoppers and asked them these questions;

1. In the last 6 months, how many times have you shopped at a brick and mortar clothing store (i.e. in store, not online)?
2. When shopping at a clothing store, which of the following matters most?
3. When shopping at a clothing store, what kind of in-store personalized experience would you most like?
4. In the last 6 months, how many times have you received an in-store personalized experience while shopping at a clothing store?
5. How likely are you to revisit a clothing store because you received in-store personalization?

The results were enlightening! What we thought was interesting was how important POS software for apparel retail played into the findings. Find out what customers are saying and how you can boost retail loyaty at your clothing store!

Read our full report on Personalization and the Customer Experience for apparel retailers.

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