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Springboard Retail Product Updates – July 2019

Posted by Springboard Retail on Aug 1, 2019
Springboard Retail

The Springboard Retail Engineering Team has been busy soaking up the sun and, as always, working hard to deliver you the best possible product over the second quarter. We are continuously committed to developing the best omnichannel mobile POS solution for growing brands and retailers, and because of your suggestions, the Springboard Retail features list keeps growing. Here's a glimpse at just a few of the exciting updates and product enhancements that are coming soon!

A Sneak Peek of Springboard Retail's Upcoming Omnichannel Fulfillment App


Imagine omnichannel fulfillment through stores using optimized workflows that drives store productivity, customer convenience and helps you focus on business growth. Soon you will be able to fulfill in a snap with the Springboard Retail Omnichannel Fulfillment App. The highlighted features will include:

  • Ship from Store: Provide customers various delivery options while reducing costs and delivery times.
  • Smart Order Routing: Apply rule-based routing with Stores and item-level settings, including manual override capabilities.
  • Store Pick-up: Provide customers with “Buy Online Pick Up” option to increase online orders, customer convenience and upsell opportunities (coming soon).
  • Optimized Workflows: For pick, pack and ship to customers that drives store productivity. Insights for store management to improve flows.
  • Carrier Options: Assorted carrier options to choose for shipping with comparable market rates. Available through Easypost and integrated into workflows.
  • Exception Handling: Handle exceptions - damage goods, shrinkages with efficient re-routing. Keep the backorders on hold till inventory arrives.


  • Rule-based Order Routing: Set prioritized list of stores; Rules to optimize on delivery speed and cost with manual override capabilities.
  • Order Splitting: Split the line items and/or quantities within orders between various locations to fulfill and optimize the delivery.  
  • Order Re-routing: Reroute orders to handle exception cases such as damaged items, shrinkages, etc.
  • Backorders: Keep it on hold till inventory arrives.



  • Efficient and Flexible Guided Workflow: To pick, pack and ship. Print packing slips and labels.
  • Various Carrier Options: Available through Easypost and integrated within workflow. Comparable rates.



  • Real-time Management View: To review and filter all order fulfillment requests across all stores in real-time.
  • Reporting: Select out-of-box reports available to measure the effectiveness and performance of the store fulfillment functions.
  • Fulfillment History: History of all fulfillment requests that can be reviewed and audited by management.


Coupon Usage Limits — Launching this month!

Learn how to create coupons with limited usage! Launching this month, you'll be able to create coupons with parameters to limit usage with Springboard Retail! Below are the two scenarios this professional tier feature will cover: 

  • Overall Limit: Set an overall limit of how many times a coupon can be used. To make sure that your coupon campaigns run within your set budget. Ex: An exclusive coupon that can only be used 100 times total.
  • One-time Usage Limit: Set a limit so that a customer can only use it once. This helps avoid overuse by a single customer and spreads the discounts across your broader customer base.

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