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5 Customer Data Points to Collect in Your POS CRM

Posted by Sarah Kowalski on Jun 15, 2017
Sarah Kowalski

A modern point of sale system becomes truly effective when it's used to collect all the powerful data and customer intelligence possible to help you build customer engagement and loyalty. In today's cloud-based POS software, like Springboard Retail, you have the ability to create unlimited custom fields, filter and produce powerful reports and integrate with smart marketing and loyalty platforms. Retailers have more opportunity than ever to strike a mutually beneficial bargain with customers; ask them for specific information and in return deliver thoughtful and personalized events, offers and promotions.

Customer relationship marketing in retail is both art and science. But today's POS CRM capabilities are making it easier to capture, analyze and act on the data you collect. To do this, your point of sale custom fields become critical. You need to be able to set-up the custom fields you need at the customer level and then easily run reports to actualize your efforts. The custom fields you create and populate can be accessed in various places in your POS system from a sales receipt to the customer dashboard — a great resource for both the sales and marketing teams! There are countless bits of information you can get from your customers to capitalize on their purchasing behaviors. Below are five advantageous data points to collect during checkout.

Email:  I can not stress this one enough. Your clients are on the go and emails can be opened when and where the recipient chooses. Not only does this form of communication build credibility with your client, with the insertion of images and exciting offers, your client is more likely to forward the message to their friends and families and those referrals can turn into money! Got a a younger clientele? Get their instagram name and send them cool picture of what's new in store.

Birthdays:  This is a day that is entirely about them! It is a special day and your client deserves an offer different from those that have been offered throughout the year. Build a relationship with your client and they will not hesitate to provide this information which you can then use to send out a personalized and meaningful message or gift. In fact, use your POS system to integrate with a loyalty or rewards program such as Thirdshelf and you can send customized offers with just a click of a button! Free gift anyone?

Favorite Brand/Vendor/Color:  This can be extremely powerful information for a couple of reasons. By sending out a discount to a client for the purchase of their favorite brand, they get the feeling that you understand their preferences. Also, you can engage the customer by inviting them to a trunk show or event hosting the brand where they can be the first to view new merchandise. All clients want to feel like a VIP!

Apparel and shoe size:  Inventory control is imperative. However, at the end of the season, retailers can be left with stragglers or items that did not sell but too few for an RTV. Extra men’s size seven? Create a report to reflect all your men’s size seven clients! Now, reach out!

Additional addresses: Do you have older clients that are winding down their careers or retired? There’s a big chance they have another home to jet off to during other times of the year. With a custom field for an additional address, you have that info at your fingertips! Your clients care about your brand and service and want to be kept in the loop wherever they go. Even better, you may have a location for them to shop at close to their residence. Send them a card to keep them informed and engaged. You will be happy you did!

These are just some examples of custom fields you will find beneficial to add in your Springboard account, however, the options are endless. As you continue to use the software, only you can decide what data is imperative to capture based on the needs of your clients and business. Together with an integrated marketing or loyalty program such as Thirdshelf or MailChimp, your brand and business will always be on your client's radar and you can't put a price on that!

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