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6 Innovative Ways to Think Inside the Box

Posted by Phil Bagdasarian on Mar 20, 2019
Phil Bagdasarian

The first step in establishing brand popularity and reputation is to create a great product. Once this has been accomplished, businesses need to develop the right packaging. More than a protective feature, packaging can speak to the customer directly, conveying a brand’s message in an efficient manner that can ultimately boost sales, engagement, and loyalty.

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Whether you're a digitally native direct-to-consumer brand, or retailer shipping either ecommerce or in-store orders, the following personalized packaging ideas and tips will add a touch of creativity to any kind of packaging:

1. Incorporate a Story into the Packaging Design

The best packages tell stories. Packaging designs are an integral part of the shopping experience, helping customers learn valuable information about a brand and its product. Packaging space is valuable real estate, which should be used to tell a brand’s story. Graphics, content, and that all-important logo are important elements that will guide consumers to make the purchase.  

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2. Stand Out 

Since most people shop at a distance, packaging should have eye-catching components that stand out from other items on a store shelf. When browsing for their next must-have, consumers wait for something to grab their attention, so it’s essential to design a box that will generate interest from afar. Following the latest trends can seem tempting, but uniqueness will usually produce better results. As well, businesses that ride on others’ coattails also run the risk of losing out when the trend finally takes a nosedive. To draw customers to a product, it’s best to integrate a packaging strategy that embodies the very essence of creative thinking and originality. 

3. Use Limited Edition Packaging

Limited edition packaging is a fun and creative way to make a brand stand out from the crowd. To incorporate this method, brands and retailers should stay on top of market trends and create packaging that reflects these. For instance, developing Super Bowl packaging for sports-related items at the beginning of each year will guarantee impulse purchasing that can produce skyrocketing sales.

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4. Include Samples of a Related Product

Some products blend well together, but businesses shouldn’t assume that consumers know their entire product offering. To introduce clients to a larger selection of goods, it’s worthwhile to include a sample of a related product inside packaging. Customers are sure to appreciate the freebie, and may well consider purchasing it in the future. To keep the strategy fresh and exciting, and give people the opportunity to experience the entire product line, samples should be changed and rotated on a regular basis. This type of exposure can increase a company’s revenue dramatically, especially if it offers a full lineup of enticing products.

5. Throw in Small Gifts

Adding small gifts to packaging can greatly enhance the unboxing process. These gifts don’t need to be expensive, but they should be related to the product that was purchased. For instance, a business that sells soda could consider including a custom koozie, and one that sells exercise pants could add a towel that customers could use during their workout. Small gifts may seem trivial, but they add a exciting component to the shopping experience that builds customer loyalty and engagement. 

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6. Include Coupons

Consumers love to score a bargain. Including a special deal, such as a coupon, inside a product’s packaging will encourage them to buy the product again. Coupons can be used for future purchases on the same item or something completely new. Providing an assortment of coupons is also an efficient strategy for strengthening loyalty because customers will have the opportunity to pick their favorite items or try something different. If you have a brick and mortar store, this is also a great place to throw in a bounceback card, offering a discount or free gift with purchase, to encourage in-store traffic

Stand Out by Thinking Inside the Box

This is an exciting time for retailers. Custom packaging options are readily available, poised to showcase any product in the best possible light. By thinking inside the box and incorporating the above creative tips, retailers will get the most out of their brands, products, and packaging, placing themselves above the competition to reach next-level success. 

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Phil BPhil Bagdasarian is the co-founder of Packwire, an online printing and packaging service that enables businesses to create their own box design, including branded mailers, folding cartons, shipping boxes, and gift boxes.

Springboard Retail thanks Packwire for their guest post. This post does not constitute an endorsement of their products or services.

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