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10 Ways Retail Has Changed Forever and Why It's Ok

Let's set the baseline: Retail has changed, continues to change, and will be in flux for many years to come.

Ok...duh. Been there, heard that. But what exactly is causing the disruption? How is it affecting modern retailers? And what can modern retailers do to adapt toand even embracethis seismic shift? 

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Topics: Business of Retail

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How to Win Over Upset Customers by PIC-ing a fight

During the customer service training sessions I deliver to the staffs of small-to-medium sized businesses, we exchange...

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Tips & Techniques

Boost Your Store's Sales by Understanding These 5 Types of Retail Customers

Everyone has different shopping preferences, which may vary by product type or time of day. For instance, when shopping...

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Topics: Customer Relationship Management

The 8 Truths of Markdowns (FREE Retail Webinar!)

How much product is marked up initially directly affects how profitable your retail business can be.  Many retailers...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques, Our Partners

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Retail POS Technology for Your Store!

Choosing a point of sale solution for your company can be overwhelming. There are so many options on the market today...

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Topics: POS software, Retail Tips & Techniques

The Surefire Way to Tell if Your Marketing is Working

It should be easy to determine if your marketing is effective...right?  If you run a new radio campaign and sales lift,...

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Topics: Our Partners, Retail Marketing

5 Things We Learned at IRC 2018

Last week we packed our bags, said see ya to Boston's 90% humidity, and headed to Las Vegas, where we had the honor of...

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Topics: Business of Retail, Events

How to Avoid Back-to-School Syndrome & Maximize Fall Sales

Over the last twenty years, one of the “constants” that I have observed in my work with major retailers is a consistent...

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Topics: Customer Relationship Management

10 Simple Tips to Boost Retail Sales

It's the million dollar question: how do I increase my store's sales? Well, there's no one million dollar answer, but we...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques

What Really Counts in Retail Foot Traffic

We last talked about common retail foot traffic KPIs and the importance of conversion, but let's address some common...

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Topics: Retail Analytics, Our Partners

Physical Retail Isn't Dead. Boring Retail Is.

Despite the click bait headlines, the death of physical retail is greatly exaggerated. Far from it, in fact. But without...

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Topics: Business of Retail

Size Doesn't Matter. Metrics Do.

One store, forty stores. Luxury apparel, pet supplies. 30 SKUs, 3000 SKUs. No matter your store's size, location,...

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Topics: Retail Analytics

How to Measure Retail Store Traffic to Boost Profitability

Competition for customers has never been more fierce, and more than ever, retailers need to consider the value of each...

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Topics: Our Partners, Retail Tips & Techniques

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