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Retail Reality: Innovate or Suffer Barneys Blunder

While we hear about retail bankruptcies almost every week, it’s not everyday that a legacy brand like Barneys succumbs to the tide as happened a few days ago. However, it’s not all doom and gloom in the consumer space. That’s because a handful of retailers are delivering strong results by constantly innovating to improve customer experience.

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Topics: Customer Relationship Management, Business of Retail

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New Tariffs Make Inventory Management More Important than Ever

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, a 10% tariff is scheduled to take effect on many Chinese-manufactured clothing...

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Topics: Inventory Management, Retail Tips & Techniques

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated POS?

This blog was originally written on July 31, 2019 by Jeffrey Wilky on the Accumula blog and can be read here.

When you're...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques, POS software

Daymion Phelps: Why I Joined Springboard Retail

I grew up working in retail stores and loved it. Eventually, I went from apparel and shoes, to point of sale systems:...

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Topics: Customer Service, Business of Retail

Springboard Retail Product Updates – July 2019

The Springboard Retail Engineering Team has been busy soaking up the sun and, as always, working hard to deliver you the...

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3 Ways to Grow Your Retail Business with Existing Customers

When it comes to operating a retail store or brand, your goal shouldn’t be to stay in business, but to grow your...

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Store for Millennials

Millennial buying power is increasing.

Although Generation Y used to be considered less—shall we say—prosperous than the...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques

3 POS Trends Driving Profits for Retailers

Modern retail technology is defining the way retailers establish their brands. Modernized point of sale systems, in...

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Topics: Business of Retail, POS software

5  POS Software Essentials to Manage Inventory Effectively

Thinking about switching to a new POS platform? A store is only as successful as its inventory, so here are five...

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Topics: Inventory Management, POS software

Super Social: How to Increase Sales with a Robust Retail Social Media Presence

Although it can be tricky to measure the specific ROI of using social media to promote your retail business, there is no...

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Topics: Ecommerce, Retail Marketing

Springboard Retail Q1 2019 Product Updates

We've had quite the first quarter over here on the Engineering Team! We are continuously committed to developing the best...

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Topics: POS software

10 Questions to Ask When Thinking About Switching Retail POS Software

The idea of switching from one retail POS software system to another can be a daunting task, understandably so. Besides...

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Topics: POS software

6 Innovative Ways to Think Inside the Box

The first step in establishing brand popularity and reputation is to create a great product. Once this has been...

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