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Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Posted by Emily Fanning on Dec 16, 2019
Emily Fanning

Clock's tickin', but it's never too late to up your retail marketing game! Let's end 2019 with a bang: here are a few last-minute holiday marketing ideas to boost your foot traffic, sales, and margin as you head into the final weeks of the year.

Targeted Personalized Emails

Use your POS to pull a report of customers who shopped with you last December and send personalized emails asking if there's anyone they need help shopping for this year. The personal outreach should catch their attention, but you can also throw in a small discount as extra incentive.

Blog-Last-Minute-Marketing-eGift-CardE-Gift Cards

Last-minute shoppers don't have time to come up with gift ideas; your last few email blasts of the season—especially after shipping deadlines have passed—should heavily push gift cards. Give shoppers the option of either emailing their gift digitally, or printing so they can still "wrap" it.

Flash Sale

Nothing lights a fire under holiday shoppers like a limited-time flash sale. Don't feel as though you have to offer an aggressive store-wide discount; you can apply it to select categories, like outerwear or stocking stuffers. Then set up a promotions rule in your POS so that all products in the "outerwear" category automatically ring up at 20% off.

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Blog-Last-Minute-Marketing-TextGo Mobile

Both consumers' physical mailboxes and email inboxes tend to overflow this time of year, leaving many advertisements unopened and ignored. If you have money left in your holiday marketing budget, invest in text advertising—it's much harder to ignore a ping on your phone than it is yet another email. SlickText and Sentext are two providers.

When in doubt, throw a party!

Why do people put off shopping? It's an overwhelming errand, and their days are usually packed with other commitments. Advertise that you'll be open later hours, crank the holiday tunes, and put out some festive adult bevs, hot chocolate, and snacks. If your space allows, create a lounge area with water bottles and phone chargers so shoppers can, literally, recharge, kick their feet up, and take a break from the stress of shopping. Post photos and videos of the lounge on your social accounts to draw in guests.



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