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8 Thriving Retailers' Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Posted by Emily Fanning on Nov 16, 2018
Emily Fanning

♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year 


For consumers, sure. The holidays are wish lists, gift wrap, and cookies with eggnog. For retailers? That’s a different story. The holiday shopping season is often a demanding and exhausting five-week sprint, with Black Friday and the subsequent weekend being the greatest stressors of all. Throw in the added pressure of thinking you have to compete with the big names, and it’s no wonder that just hearing the words “Black Friday” uttered makes your heart beat a little bit faster. But Black Friday Weekend also has the potential to be your highest traffic and sales days of the year, so you can’t simply ignore it out of fear.

Here are some of our retailers' best tips for securing your best Black Friday Weekend yet!

1 // Even if your sales aren't as aggressive as Big Box retailers, generate the excitement and get in on showing the customer the best deals. I like to have one "best markdown" in my pocket to show customers on repeat all weekend long.
Samantha Salamack, Southern Tide

2 // We do our Black Friday the week prior and run it through the weekend. It’s been very good for us - beat the rush and let them buy their electronics on the traditional date!
Maria Delany, Louella

louella style pavia @louella_style

3 // Preparedness is key! Black Friday can be a very lucrative day in the retail world. Make sure you are fully staffed, well hydrated, in comfortable shoes, and have a game plan. Customers are looking for deals! Make sure you have something special to offer them, whether it's a discount, giveaway, or just your amazing service. 
Abby Goldman, Scout & Molly's

4 // Black Friday is a great day for us as customers bring in visiting friends and family to our local community shop, but our main focus turns to Small Business Saturday where we use it as a teachable moment to explain that when you shop (and eat, drink, get your hair cut, etc.) in a local independent shop, more money stays in the community than with a Big Box Chain store (67 cents on every dollar to be exact!). This year we are making fun goody bags and giving them away to customers who come by to celebrate and sharing the love with our community.
Ann Cantrell, Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

mod pod decor black fridayvia @modpoddecor

5 // They aren't just for the Big Boxes: we have had a ton of success offering doorbusters of our own - free gift for those who check out before 11am for instance. Make it something unique that they wouldn't have an easy time finding elsewhere, that's the motivation to get them in your door.
Rebecca Russell, Southern Tide

6 // We like to post gift guides on our social media sites that help give people ideas for those on their list. We also send the guides in our weekly emails. Our firefly fans find them helpful and our suggestions drives sales.

—April McCrumb, Catching Fireflies

catching fireflies storevia @catchingfirefliescom

7 // Offer something drastic on Black Friday, even if it's only for a few hours or a day, just get people in the door. Never offer a deal on Small Business Saturday, it's not about that. DO offer gifts with purchase, munchies, or a bounce back coupon for another time.
Jessica Klein, ModPod Decor

8 // Be proud and excited about what your store is doing! Just because you're not a big name store opening at 12am doesn't mean your deals and promotions aren't just as excitingprobably more exciting to your customers! Which is why they're with YOU and not at Target.
Madeline Schroeder, Southern Tide 

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