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How To Double Your Gift Card Sales

Posted by Emily Fanning on Apr 12, 2018
Emily Fanning

44% / Consumers who said they were more likely to visit a store they would not have gone to otherwise because of a gift card.
/ Consumers who said they were likely to visit a store more often because of gift card.
/ Consumers who spend more than the value of their gift card.
$38 / Average overspend per gift card transaction. Source: First Data

It's pretty clear that gift cards are a win-win for both retailers and their customers!

They're an easy, grab-on-the-go, failsafe gift, and they're almost certainly going to bring new customers into your store with each activation. How much are you really investing in your gift card program though? We talked to some of our Springboard retailers to get their input on how to increase gift card sales in your store. 

Advertise. Don't forget to beef up your gift card-focused marketing around the biggest gift-giving holidays and occasions: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation season, Christmas...tons of Hallmark celebrations! Highlight the idea of giving a gift card, instead of just mentioning that you offer them in a footer or other discrete placement. 

nordstrom gift cards

Offer an omnichannel experience. Allow customers to redeem gift cards both online and in stores. The Springboard Retail & BigCommerce POS integration offers the ability to sync gift cards, so your team can issue and redeem them online OR in store with no additional steps. 

Display prominently in store. Don't wait for your customers to ask if you sell gift cards—they should be front and center at the cashwrap. Add eye-catching signage and make a fun display to grab customers' attention. Merchandise them with other small accessories; then customers will be likely to add on a gift to accompany the gift card. 

Display prominently on website. Likewise, make sure a link to purchase gift cards is easily visible, like in your top navigation bar, or highlighted in your footer:

catching fireflies website-2

Make balance checking a breeze. Customers should be able to look up their card's balance on your website, and the URL should be printed on the back of the gift card itself. This will keep them from having to call the store for a balance check, saving both them and your staff time.

Spice it up! Take the design of your gift cards seriously, and offer additional packaging options. Your customers will be relieved to not have to do any additional wrapping, and it'll make a great first impression of your store to the gift recipient. Click here for more gift card design inspiration.

anthropologie gift card envelope

BigCommerce also offers the option to design custom gift cards for those purchased online. Who says digital certificates have to be boring? Design a whole library of templates to give your customer multiple options, and add themed designs for different holidays and celebrations. 

bigcommerce gift cards

A gift to give and a gift to keep. Offer an incentive! Run special promotions in which you give away, say, an extra $20 voucher for every $200 purchased in gift cards. Advertise an end date to create a sense of urgency; chances are your customers won't want to pass up such a great deal that they'll stock up on gift cards whether they have a recipient in mind or not!

What have you done to give your gift card sales a boost? We want to hear!

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