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10 Holiday Promotions Every Boutique Can Master

Posted by Ashley Alderson on Nov 14, 2019
Ashley Alderson
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Each year around the Holidays, especially with social media, it is really easy to let your business start to blend in with the rest.

Another sale, another promotion...and another ad.

So how can your business stand out this year and bring your customers back for more not only this season but get them excited about shopping with you long into the new year?

Building a successful boutique is not just about selling the right product or great social media, but about creating a service and style education that your customers are looking for while helping them feel connected to the deepest mission of why in your business.

Here are 10 promotions to use in your business this Holiday season to help you fulfill your greater mission, to best serve your customers, and to stand out from the crowd this season.

Gift Bundles All Month Long

This is the busiest month of the year so make it EASY for your Holiday shoppers to find what they need. Create themed collections, gift guides, and bundles to take the guessing out of shopping for your customers. Create hint-hint lists for your customers to fill out and take home for their significant others or family, along with wish lists to make gift giving simple!

Fill the Pantry Event

Local food pantries need to be filled all year long but especially in November and December. Organize a food drive in your store and hand out coupons for every non-perishable food item dropped off in your store. Invite your customers to help give back to the community along with you.

Winter Closet Cleanout

To celebrate the first day of winter, and the season...which I'm sure we all love, host a coat drive at your store to share with local schools, food pantries, shelters or women's shelters. Whether you want to do a used donations drive, or ask all shoppers online or in-store to donate $1 to this cause, or $5 to purchase a brand new pair of gloves or a hat for local school children.

Bring Santa to the Store

Blog-Holiday-Promo-SantaDoes Santa need a night to meet with the kiddos in your store? Remember to put up any breakables (just in case), set out the treats from Mrs. Claus, and set out ideas for teacher gifts and other quick grab and go bundles for mom! Make sure you have great signage so mom gets the idea while standing in line, and her kiddos get excited about picking out their teacher, babysitter or friends gifts!

Plan for the New Year Now

The Holidays are no doubt the busiest time of year in retail, so are you saving up for slower months to come? Plan now to use one of your promotions as get-backs for the 1st quarter of next year. Bonus cash, gift cards with purchase, BOGO New year, get creative with how you'll acquire a customer today and bring them back next time! When you spend $100 now, get $10 for 2020!

Last Call for the Guys

Go through your phone's contact list and reach out to customers to see who might need a reminder about great gift ideas. Create table tent cards for ladies to fill out all month long as ‘Hint Hint' cards for her significant other at home. Then remind the guys to come in to redeem them, offer free gift wrap and even ‘storage' for their purchased gifts until Christmas Eve! Guys love choices, so create done for you bundles and ideas to make it simple!

Gift Cards

Once your USPS shipping guarantee date has passed, it's time to push gift cards online! Make it a bonus for cashback in January or a free gift with gift card purchase upon redemption. There is a TON of cash to gather when you really push gift cards until the doors close on Christmas Eve!

Blog-Holiday-Promo-MarkdownLast Minute Markdowns

Do you have a bunch of Holiday-themed tees to move? Once the week before Christmas rolls around, it's time to slash prices if you're still overstocked, or make a plan to put them in a tote for the next season if they aren't otherwise dated! What other Holiday specialty items did you bring in this season and if they aren't moving upfront, make a markdown plan to move them out! Get the cash out of them while you can.
Note: Springboard allows you to set up promotions in a pinch! Don't want to permanently mark down an item? Apply temporary promotion rules to different collections, vendors, locations, seasons—custom fields means the options are endless.

Giving Tuesday

Everyone knows about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday….but are you maximizing Giving Tuesday to not only keep the Holiday sales coming in, but to give back to your community at the same time? Make sure you look at your inventory levels and sales reports to determine which categories to promote heaviest on Giving Tuesday, and how much of your proceeds will you give back to the charity most important to you!

Pop Up Collaborations

Whether you're the business doing a pop up in another location or you are a brick and mortar business looking to host a pop-up, 'tis the season to collaborate. Look for creative local makers, artisans or makers to team up with all season long and co-host social media giveaways! 
A mobile POS makes it easy to take your boutique on the road. Springboard Retail makes easy to scale up or down, so you can turn an iPad into an extra selling station for the holiday season alone. 

Remember, the key to the Holidays is creating promotions that are based on connecting with your customers, based on data coming from your reports, and stand out from the rest!

How else are you growing your business this season outside of just promotions? If you'd like our free guide, 15 Holiday Retail Tips for success, grab the download here.

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