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Springboard Retail Case Study: HandPicked

Posted by Petra Geiger on Jan 26, 2018
Petra Geiger
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HandPicked, a growing retailer specializing in unique, handmade jewelry and gift items recently made the switch to Springboard Retail. First inspired 30 years ago by the culture of Mexico, the company works with artisan groups globally to design one-of-a-kind accessories. Based in Columbia, South Carolina, the business encompasses 16 stores, an ecommerce portal powered by BigCommerce, and a warehouse. 

The Challenge
On many levels, HandPicked’s POS vendor of 8 years was failing to support the business. As the legacy on-premise software aged, the disconnects were frequent and the software became too cumbersome for non-technical users. The team found inconsistent data throughout the system, and often by the time they reconciled the data and were able to report on it, it was outdated. 

According to Seth Goff, Director of Operations, “efficiency suffered as did confidence, as numbers were always questioned, and we were taking ten steps to do something two could have accomplished — it was frustrating.” Goff realized that in order to retain their competitive advantage, they needed modern multi-store POS software that was user-friendly, easily accessible anywhere, and flexible enough to adapt to their complex operational processes. There was an additional consideration; they wanted a true partner, a company with a collaborative culture that valued a “solutions-based approach.”

Gift Shop POS Case Study

The Solution
After a two-year search, HandPicked chose to make the switch to Springboard Retail. Working closely with the product development team at Springboard, they co-developed an item “personalization” feature that makes adding customization or monogramming details at checkout painless for sales associates. In addition, Springboard’s data team worked as an extension of the HandPicked team in helping to migrate all their historical data into the new POS software. Goff is thrilled with the transition. “We get an edge because Springboard is committed to forward-looking technology, which lets us focus on our core business.”

“Because the software is so intuitive, we spend less time training on operational tasks and more time focusing on customer service training. Feedback from the holiday season has been 100% positive. We concentrated on providing outstanding customer service, Springboard was simply an extension of that.” 

~ Seth Goff, Operations Director

The Results
As the transition was happening, the HandPicked team could see the impact. Associates were up and running on the POS in an hour, as opposed to days, with a slew of training resources for support. Very quickly, it became clear that team members were comfortable gathering more customer data, no longer afraid to take personalization orders. As a result, the leadership team expects that category to grow significantly. They are now confident in the real-time data, beginning to streamline their reporting to take advantage of the system’s full capabilities, and actively checking in on stores daily to monitor performance and make critical decisions on-the-fly. Sonya Ingram, HandPicked’s Owner, is a big fan of seeing real-time information, even on the go. “Being able to see instant results and quickly react, if needed, has allowed us to help our store teams focus their energy and efforts where it will payoff for them that day.” 

Key Springboard POS benefits for Handpicked's retail business.

  •  Intuitive and user-friendly
  •  Platform flexibility
  •  Ease of training


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