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Q+A:  Meet our Director of Customer Experience

Posted by Allen Williams on Dec 16, 2016
Allen Williams
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Meet Allen Williams, our Customer Experience Director! Allen began his career many years ago with Gordon Russell's In The Pink Stores, Inc. and has been a key player in almost every area of Springboard Retail since its inception. From product management, marketing and communications to accounting and operations management, all of this experience comes in handy in his current role as manager of the customer success team. He knows the company and the software inside and out! Allen, took time out from his hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us.

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What are 3 adjectives that you think describe your team and why?

Hardworking. All members of my team often go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis to make sure that our customers have a great experience with Springboard Retail. It’s part of our culture and the team works hard to deliver this experience. Positive. It’s so important to have a positive attitude, no matter what team you’re on. My team is always patient, considerate and positive when interacting with our customers, even during stressful times. Fun. I think our team knows how to have fun. Sure, there are “head down” moments that happen often, but there are also plenty of laughs. Sometimes they even laugh at my bad jokes!

What qualities do you look for in Springboard customer service personnel?

A Customer Success Team member thrives on problem solving, troubleshooting, and just helping customers in every way shape and form. The CST member is driven, a great communicator, with a glass-half-full outlook, eager to dive into the product, understand it inside and out, and willing to do what it takes to make Springboard Retail customers very happy and eager to tell the world. Right now we also have quite a few retail veterans and that really helps because they have been in our customer's shoes.

What is SR's onboarding strategy for new customers?

The goal is to get our customers successful, which starts by getting them live. If a customer is paying us but is not yet live on our system, they are actually seeing negative value. That’s not good. Our goal is to work with our customers to get them live quickly and painlessly, so they can focus on their next goal for success: selling more, more profitably.

What do you think is the biggest hurdle new customers face when implementing the Springboard Retail POS software platform?

Commitment. Retailers are very busy. We highly recommend that our customers purchase a QuickStart (an 8-hour training bundle) with us, as that really helps them dedicate time to get their arms around things. But even for customers that purchase the QuickStart, the biggest hurdle is commitment. It’s kind of like a gym membership. You need to make time for it, be focused and committed and you’ll get exponentially more out of it.

What is their most pleasant surprise?

How easy Springboard’s POS retail software is to use. That’s a big concern of retailers before they make the switch: “will I be able to onboard new people onto the system quickly and easily?” The answer is always “yes” and that does come as a surprise to people, I think based on experience they have with the systems they switching from.

Other than your kids, what customer issues keep you up most at night? How are you proactively addressing them?

We are growing quickly, this has been a big year for Springboard and next year looks like it will be another big year. Continuing to deliver a great support experience while scaling up is what I am focused on. It's rewarding when we do it right, so I am committed to growing the team with exceptional individuals, training them well, and ensuring that our customer's success remains a top priority for the organization as we continue to create the best pos system for retail.

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