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The Biggest Retail POS System Complaints

Posted by Petra Geiger on Dec 20, 2016
Petra Geiger
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Are you feeling the pain? Everyday, our intrepid sales team listens to retailers lament about their current retail pos system. Understandably so, because it's such an important tool for retail management. Believe it or not, our founder Gordon Russell (who still owns 12 stores) was there too after trying several different types of pos and inventory software systems including Retail Pro and Counterpoint. That's why Springboard Retail was born! Along with Co-Founder Jay Stotz,  the team rolled up their sleeves and worked to create a pos and robust inventory system that exceeded their own expectations - and they were tough customers!

Want to know other retailers' pain points? We thought so. Here are a few of the top complaints we hear day in and day out. And rest assured... Springboard Retail has addressed these key issues!

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1.  My pos system says it's in the cloud but my data is NOT updated in real-time. I'm frustrated because I have to wait for a sync to occur and that is not always instantaneous.

2.  I'm opening a second store and now I am just finding out that my current pos and inventory software just doesn't have the features I need - like the ability to split shipments between 2 stores.

3.  I just hired a manager and I want to access my point of sale software from home on my PC but now I find out that I can only access it on an iPad.

4.  There are some nice new features that my point of sale provider has released but I'm tired of paying more for upgrades, it's becoming unsustainable.

5.  When I need support my provider is always unavailable - and I need it too often! 

6.  The reports that come with my system just do not help me. I'm tired of working my business around my POS system. I need some flexibility when it comes to customizing my reporting.

7.  I need more options for my apparel inventory items, like color, size and quantity. 

8.  I need a report to show what's on order, what's been received, how quickly my inventory is turning. Right now I have to do a cumbersome workaround by exporting to excel.

9.  At first I was sold on my all-in-one pos solution - it seemed to have everything - ecommerce, loyalty, scheduling and more. But now that I am growing and really using these features, I realize that they are really limited and not supported very well. I need the best pos retail management but also a comprehensive best-in-class ecommerce, loyalty and payment solution.

10.  Our retail concept is successful and now we are looking to franchise and really need retail POS software that franchisees can use that will scale with us as our needs change.

Are any of these issues your pain points? They're pretty common. Let our consultants show you how Springboard Retail can solve these issues and make your job easier!

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