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Springboard Retail Case Study: Porter's

Posted by Petra Geiger on May 31, 2017
Petra Geiger
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In the years since they first opened their doors in 1915, Porter’s Craft and Frame, a family-owned retailer in Southeast Idaho, evolved from a small bookshop into a multi-store, retail enterprise processing over 200K transactions a year. Customers shop everything from home décor to baking goods to art supplies and framing. What enables the store’s continuing success? In the words of Porter’s General Manager Alex Nielsen, it's a willingness to, “constantly adapt in order to continue inspiring our customers.” Learn more about their story.

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The Challenge
Porter’s willingness to innovate is inherent in their culture. So, when their previous system, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, was approaching end-of-life, they seized the opportunity to modernize. They were determined to find a cloud-based solution with multi store pos functionality; one that reduced IT costs and saved time by preventing duplicate efforts in data entry, reporting,and replenishment. They contemplated another version of Microsoft Dynamics RMS as well as a lateral move to Eagle Activant, but were deterred by inevitable IT hardware and maintenance costs. Several Cloud POS systems were also evaluated, including LightSpeed and Vend, but these lacked the power to handle the complexities of a multi-store, high-volume specialty retailer.

“Springboard built a cloud-based, technology platform based on real-world retail experience. Where we used to look at our stores individually, we now operate and evaluate the business as a whole. Data entry and analytics used to be a nightmare. Now we manage everything through Springboard Retail. We have a centrally managed product database and can quickly create multi-location purchase orders and reports. Springboard Retail allows us to make better decisions, faster. It gives us the ability to instill a discipline in our organization that we could not achieve before.” ~ Alex Nielson, General Manager, Porter’s

The Solution
When he found Springboard multi-store retail management software, it was instantly clear to Alex that this was the system he had envisioned. Springboard delivered on Alex’s mission critical requirements with real-time access to data in software built for multi-channel retail. The built-in flexibility means Porter’s can continue expand without friction.

Gathering data for crucial decision making, which had previously been so difficult for the stores, quickly improved. “Monthly reports that once took hours to pull together could now be finished in 60 seconds”, Nielsen said. “Running reports used to be so tedious that we were hard pressed to keep up with measuring performance of the 40,000 unique SKUs that we sell each year—we were drowning in information,” he said. “Now we are able to quickly monitor performance by department, category, vendor, and even location in the store, thanks to Springboard’s smartfields™. We are making much better decisions that are based on data - rather than solely relying on intuition.” And, his sales people were now empowered with customer data at the point-of-sale, where it matters most.

Key Springboard POS benefits for Porter's retail business.

  •  Complete Retail Management system
  •  Efficient multi-store functionality
  •  Customizable reporting
  •  IT cost reduction
  •  Holistic view of entire retail enterprise
  •  Ease of training & deployment

The Results
The metrics speak for themselves! 

Porters Metrics.png

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