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Sarah Kowalski
Sarah Kowalski graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL where she studied retail merchandising and marketing. She has over seven years of retail experience as both a stylist and buyer and currently holds a position as a Customer Support Specialist at Springboard Retail.

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Announcing 3 New Enterprise-Grade POS Features!

In this fast-paced economy, you need a user-friendly but advanced retail enterprise POS system in order to grow profitably. Whether you have one location or several, a POS system that allows for efficient and streamlined business is a necessary component to compete in today's changing retail landscape. For this reason, Springboard Retail is consistently introducing retail tools and enterprise-grade features to support your business growth both online and offline. Let me introduce you to three new Springboard features you can start using today!

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5 Customer Data Points to Collect in Your POS CRM

A modern point of sale system becomes truly effective when it's used to collect all the powerful data and customer...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques, Customer Relationship Management

How To Navigate Market as a First Time Buyer!

As a first time retail buyer, walking into retail buying market can be extremely daunting. With hundreds of vendors,...

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Topics: Retail Buying, Retail Tips & Techniques

Best Practices for Successful Retail Inventory Management

Inventory management is an essential part of running a retail store. Too much stock can lead to markdowns that can kill...

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Topics: Inventory Management, Retail Tips & Techniques

How to Engage Valuable Customers with a Retail Loyalty Program

The business of retail goes far further than opening a brick and mortar store and selling your goods to the next person...

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Topics: Customer Relationship Management

Boost Profitability! 5 Essential POS Reports to Run Daily

The world of retail can be unpredictable and challenging. However, it is also exciting and very gratifying when you're...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques

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