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Jennifer Haddad
Jennifer Haddad ran her own retail business for the last decade and is now a retail consultant and author of MySmallStore.com. After opening and operating more than 10 of her own stores, she became passionate about all aspects of retail, and believes physical retail will thrive again. Jennifer now works with small retail business owners across the US & Canada to help them maximize on their store potential. As a British mother of two, she brings her entrepreneurial spirit, her humor, her love of people and her decade of hands-on retail experience to every client engagement.
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A Sure Sign You Need More Signage

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the signage for your brick-and-mortar store.

New store owners often start off right, investing in their branding, a fancy logo, and one large sign above the front window. And then they stop. But consider this: Your physical store is your brand story. It’s your best (and most expensive) marketing platform. Why waste it when you can maximize on the investment that you have already made?

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