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Jaci Bateson believes that every endeavor begins with knowledge. Since she started writing about modern technology, and how it is changing the world, she has seen a huge shift towards a global workforce that is run by computers. Her research and articles examine this shift, and explore the effects it will have on commercial industries.

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The Rapidly Growing Role of AI in Retail

Have you ever thought about how the camera on your phone automatically adjusts its settings to perfectly capture images in nearly any type of lighting? That’s artificial intelligence (AI) hard at work, right in the comfort of your pocket, and it’s getting better and better with each system update. The point is that AI is not as alien as most of us think. We may not notice it, but it’s already a big part of our daily lives – from our smartphones to the supply chain. AI in retail began showing up everywhere at NRF's Big Show in 2017, due to its capacity to rapidly transform various aspects of the retail industry. And today, these transformations have manifested in a number of significant ways.

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