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Emily Fanning
Emily Fanning is a Content Marketing Manager at Springboard Retail, where she focuses on digital marketing, educational retail content, and customer stories. Prior to Springboard, she was a retailer herself, leading all of the marketing, advertising, and social media efforts for In the Pink Stores, Inc., an 11-store women's apparel retailer in New England.
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Cashwrap Conversations: Catching Fireflies

Much like our friends at Sugar Paper, Catching Fireflies started out as a two creatives with a small business idea that transformed into a successful multi-channel retail venture. Husband and wife team Steve and April McCrumb began selling her own paper design products at a single art fair in Michigan. That quickly jumped to 35 fair appearances a year, and they soon moved into their first retail spaceless with intentions to sell-sell-sell, and more with the optimism that sales would simply pay the rent of their new design studio. Well, it did that and then some.

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Topics: Our Partners, Our Customers, Ecommerce, Retail Marketing

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Cashwrap Conversations: Popping Up with Wendell August Forge

Wendell August Forge’s story is as impressive as the care they put into each and every one of their handcrafted gifts and...

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Topics: Inventory Management, Our Customers, Customer Relationship Management

Customer Snapshot: Sugar Paper LA

Sugar Paper is a handcrafted, foil-stamped, perfectly polished example of a small side job that grew into a flourishing...

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Topics: Inventory Management, Our Customers

How to Bounce Back From Holiday Returns

You can spot them a mile away. The dreaded shopping bag boasting your logo walking TOWARD your store. And you brace...

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Tips & Techniques, Customer Relationship Management

The Easiest Ways to Attract New Customers and Keep Them Coming Back: FREE Retail CRM Webinar!

Your inventory can be perfectly managed. Your staffing spot on. Your merchandising impeccable. Yet without an engaged...

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Topics: Events, Customer Relationship Management

Meet Us at NRF 2018!

Headed to NRF's Big Show? Want to win an Apple Watch?!

It's that time of year again! We're thrilled to be returning to...

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Topics: Events

The Retailer vs. Customer Journey

Knowing your customer’s journey, their preferences, habits and history gives you the intelligence to create a customer...

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Topics: Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management

Happy Holidays from Springboard Retail!

Merry everything from our family to yours!

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How to Turn Holiday Shoppers into Year-Rounders

This post was updated December 2019 to reflect current data

It goes without saying that the holiday season is prime time...

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Tips & Techniques, Customer Relationship Management

Inventory Management in Retail Case Study: SHIFT Stores

Every day is a week, every week is a month.

That’s the motto, motivation, and reality of SHIFT Stores, a seasonal chain...

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Topics: Inventory Management

Customer Snapshot: Chesapeake Bay Outfitters

For more than 30 years, Chesapeake Bay Outfitters has been a pillar of the small but vibrant seaside town of Saint...

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Topics: Our Customers, Customer Relationship Management, Ecommerce

How to Train Store Employees to Boost Retail Loyalty!

You’ve invested in marketing, advertising, and curb appeal, and your traffic counters are showing that it’s paid off....

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Tips & Techniques

Retail Hiring Best Practices Start with Asking the Right Questions

Retail today is über competitive, building a strong team that can sell strategically and use all the tools at hand is...

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Tips & Techniques

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