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Emily Fanning
Emily Fanning is a Content Marketing Manager at Springboard Retail, where she focuses on digital marketing, educational retail content, and customer stories. Prior to Springboard, she was a retailer herself, leading all of the marketing, advertising, and social media efforts for In the Pink Stores, Inc., an 11-store women's apparel retailer in New England.
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5  POS Software Essentials to Manage Inventory Effectively

Thinking about switching to a new POS platform? A store is only as successful as its inventory, so here are five essential features your point of sale and retail inventory management software should provide to help you maximize sales, increase margin, and manage inventory effectively:

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Topics: Inventory Management, POS software

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Springboard Retail Q1 2019 Product Updates

We've had quite the first quarter over here on the Engineering Team! We are continuously committed to developing the best...

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Topics: POS software

7 Retail Trends We Saw at NRF 2019

We can't believe another NRF Big Show has come and gone! Our team packed their bags and left frigid Bostonfor only...

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Topics: Events, Business of Retail

8 Thriving Retailers' Tips for Surviving Black Friday

♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year 


For consumers, sure. The holidays are wish lists, gift wrap,...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques

Cashwrap Conversations: Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

As far as I'm concerned, Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the mayor of the retail world. Highlighted in just about every top...

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Topics: Business of Retail

Cashwrap Conversations: Streamline Retail

Here are Springboard Retail, we're fortunate to work with some really cool retailers. But you already knew that, didn't...

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Topics: Our Partners

Cashwrap Conversations: Following the Tide

Southern Tide is one of those classic, all-American, feel good brands. They've done far more than design some fish-clad...

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Topics: Our Customers

Our 5 Favorite Retail Podcasts

Is it just me, or are podcasts the new Netflix? Gone are the days of "what are you watching?"now the only question is...

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Topics: Business of Retail

10 Ways Retail Has Changed Forever and Why It's Ok

Let's set the baseline: Retail has changed, continues to change, and will be in flux for many years to come.


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Topics: Business of Retail

10 Simple Tips to Boost Retail Sales

It's the million dollar question: how do I increase my store's sales? Well, there's no one million dollar answer, but we...

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Topics: Retail Tips & Techniques

Size Doesn't Matter. Metrics Do.

One store, forty stores. Luxury apparel, pet supplies. 30 SKUs, 3000 SKUs. No matter your store's size, location,...

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Topics: Retail Analytics

Cashwrap Conversations: The Future is For Now

Starting an online retail business in 2018 sounds about as daunting as starting a physical retail business in 2008 did....

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Topics: Our Customers, Ecommerce

Essential Retail Buying Reports to Boost Profitability

Being a successful retail entrepreneur depends on having the right product, at the right price, at the right time. It...

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Topics: Retail Buying, Retail Analytics

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